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Guest Report   

Jozanne from Trinidad visited in June 2010 and awarded  Four out of Five

The road to canoe bay beach resort is paved however, in the compound itself, is not. Regardless of that i agree with Gloria's comments it deserves a second look. You just have to gain respect to get respect that is all. Now i was not there when ppl obtain attitudes from certain staff members but we actually sat and chatted with them they were excellent in terms of having a good conversation.

The colours of the apartments looked like toys ;). Inside is WONDERRFUL air conditioned rooms, small kitchenette, cute bathroom,patio etc.

i saw someone complained about "no windows" why on earth do u need windows when there are an a/c unit, a wooden/glass door where u can just open it for the view of both the pool and the beach, trees, sunlight and fresh air. If you do not want all of that, just push aside the curtains u will just get all except air. Although there were windows in the end rooms.

Someone also complained about the "very small pool" well ppl if you want a very large pool, go to a hotel in another country you will get the large pool that you want. The pool is small but very comfortable, deep, heart shaped,elevated and you can swim comfortably from end to end, and it's not even that small. I am 5ft 9 1/2 inches tall and that pool is probably..., maybe 5ft 8 inches to 6 feet deep.

The beach is calm although i did not bathe in it. At a certain hour in the morning, the tide is low and you can walk far out and it's like "where is the tide, where does the water end?" If you understand what i mean.

Someone also complained about loud music from a wedding.. I am sure for their wedding (if they are married) they had loud music as well... People please make sure you go to the site before you go to the place.. Not only this place, but any place you would like to go. But this site specially states "Weddings and Honeymoon ..."

if you knew that you have not have gone because thus far EVERY wedding have some sort of music. Anyone please correct me if i am wrong. I don't like when people complain about stupid things when you have choices." which to me means, "EXPECT A WEDDING ANYTIME"

Why would you want to look around in a place before going into it u are not buy a house. I never knew that hotels/beach houses allows people to look around before u stay.. (again correct me if i am wrong). I do believe, by just watching the oldish man's face that he has an attitude, he looks so. but i did not get any attitude and neither did the guests who stayed the same time i have stayed.

I just wanted to say that people are just full or shh... nonsense and need to stop complaining for nothing..

They just need to maintain the place a little more but other than that it was verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry comfortable

my boyfriend and i totally enjoyed the place and will be going back sometime please God.

If people wants quietness and peace except for the weddings, go Canoe Bay...

Guest Report   

Rrampersad from Trinidad visited in February 2010 and awarded  One out of Five

Serious, serious attitude problems. Rude, rude woman! This was a real bad decision by my uncle. He thought it would be a holiday treat for my Stateside cousens. It was an embarasment. We will never return.

Guest Report   

Gloria from Tobago visited in January 2009 and awarded  Three out of Five

May 2009.

Dear readers,

In fairness to this resort,I think they do the best they can. The road to Canoe Bay is now paved so it should be easier for the owners , staff and potential guests.

Simple beach front accomodation is present. Large grounds suitable for safe group activities and family days out.Good place to keep a party or public event if well planned.

This place deserves a second look and a second chance.

Guest Report   

Priscilla J. from Canada visited in June 2008 and awarded  Four out of Five

Canoe Bay Resort is a great place to stay. I was reading other reports on trip advisor and other sites like it and I did not come with high expectations. I came prepared with other hotel names and locations just in case I didn't like it and I ended up extending my visit. I stayed in apartment #1. It was very clean, spacious, had A/C, a living and dining area, a full kitchen, and it was overall very comfortable. The staff were very helpful with organizing outings and getting food. The beach is very nice and the pool was okay - -it could use a little more chlorine. The only thing missing was a meal plan. If you are going to be staying there come prepared with your groceries/snacks as places close up early and it is difficult to get food in the nights. Also, organize your transportation ahead of time so you can get around.

Guest Report   

David M Smith from U.K. visited in March 2008 and awarded  One out of Five

We visited Canoe Bay Resort at the end of a fabulous holiday in Tobago with a view to booking apartments there for a family trip next year. We made it clear that we wished to look around first and then we intended to stay at the beach for the morning so would come across to pay the older gentleman on duty at the pay desk. We were shown around very courteously by the young lady on reception. We found the double room suites to be very dark and certainly not luxurious as described on the brochure. We then walked over the lawns to have a look at the facilties including the pool and beach. There was a small pool which was above ground with a very small wooden deck tacked on one end We were the only persons in sight apart from one couple already on the beach and in full view still of the pay desk. We stood back from the beach to take in the view before heading towards the pay desk which was at the bar to pay entrance for the morning. At this stage the elderly gent started waving angrily at us to come over to him which we did with the intention of paying. We explained to him that we had just been looking which he already knew anyway. (Our beach bags and swimsuits were still in the car at this stage). He then became very unfriendly and said we had to pay right now and that we had no right to walk over towards the beach. Even though we explained again what we had been doing he then said they had enough people staying there without needing our clientele at this stage I might add we are a couple in our late fifties with our adult daughter accompanying us. He told us the owner was nearby and we spoke to him. Unfortunately even though we explained what we were doing to him he was just as unfriendly and basically said that if we crossed the lawn towards the beach it was not allowed and no photos were allowed either.

Does this establishment want guests?! This was our first experience of an unfriendly and frankly antagonistic Tobagonian and it was very upsetting and disappointing. Up to that point we were very interested in staying but nothing would entice us back there to stay now, or even visit the beach. Neither would we recommend it to anyone else from the UK as who wants to be treated the way we were.

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