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Blue Waters Inn Query   

Barry Baker

We're planning a visit to Tobago in May. In reading the posts and reviews about the Blue Waters Inn, I was wondering about the comment about "missing hair dryers" and other amenities. Aren't hair dryers accommodated by the outlets in the rooms?

Any clarification?

I found your site to be full of great information. Thanks for all your hard work in providing such a useful resource.

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Blue Waters Inn Review   

K Travers

My husband and I just returned from 8 days at the Blue Waters Inn, which I have just rated on the poll as "Very Good". (You can see photos and commentary from our trip at: )

The Inn itself has a fantastic location, and we opted for one of the bungalows, which was quite lovely. Several issues keep this at the "very good" level, in our subjective opinion.

Design issues.

1)I wonder who told them that the institutional green color all the buildings are painted with looked good?! I'm guessing they were going for a bright Caribbean feel, but it looks medicinal to me.

2)Also, my husband and I chose a bungalow because, well, we're spoiled by travel in the South Pacific where MOST accommodations, even budget ones, are in bungalows. Our bungalow was spacious and comfortable, and indeed right up on the beach. However, a footpath was situated directly in front of our deck, so one had to be prepared for passers-by quite often.

3)The Fishpot Restaurant lacks ambiance. Stringing nets up on the walls and tacking up fish models doesn't quite do much.

Food issues.

1)Food in Fishpot Restaurant was only ever just passable, rather than great, with the exceptions of the buffet of local food offered one night, and the consistently good breakfast buffet.

2)Food in the Shipwreck bar was quite nice, contrary to some reports I'd read. We really enjoyed their fried flying fish, nicely battered (not overly so as another review pegged it) and meaty. The bar is also casually decorated, with an easy ambiance much preferred to the Fishpot.

Staff issues.

As anticipated, some of the staff was a bit surly. This attitude came and went over our 8 day stay. We were not surprised, given previous reviews, but were happy to see that some staff were very pleasant indeed.

In any case, we really did have a great time here- it's easier to pick out the negative aspects, isn't it, and I don't want people to be dissuaded. Go with the right attitude yourself, and you're sure to have a wonderful time as well. It's value depends on what YOU value- for us it was the simple pleasure of having a spacious place to ourselves, a great location, and reasonable food nearby, both on hotel grounds and environs.

Hope this helps people out!


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Bluewaters Feb2004   

Gary Elson

Just back from Tobago. We stayed one night at the Blue Waters Inn. The location is superb, with the views out to Goat Island and Little Tobago making it one of the best locations we came across. However, we felt that you paid for that location. At $160/night it represent poor value compared to other places we stayed at (and heard about). The Speyside Inn probably represents better value.

If you want to step straight from your snorkel or boat trip into your room then its location is hard to beat. The rooms are OK. The reefs are OK but not perhaps as fabulous as they are hyped to be. Angel Reef at Goat Island is pristine, but not particularly colourful or teeming with fish.

The bar is a nice place for a drink but the staff were surly.

The Speyside/Charlotville area is wonderful, but the Bluewaters is not value for money.

Blue Waters Inn 2004   

Stella Porteous

Please can you put my mind at rest? Our 2nd visit to Tobago is in April 2004 this time with 2 friends. Am getting a little worried about some adverse reviews i've read about Blue Waters Inn. Coco Reef was our 1st hotel and it was great, good food.staff ,rooms etc. The beach area was a bit dissappointing,although it was pretty, instead of 'real' sea there was what looked like a lagoon. I know that B.W.Inn won't be the same in the 'luxury'stakes and am not expecting it. or indeed wanting it.Both men like bird watching, swimming and we all 4 like walking, and being lazy, reading and the odd drink or two!! We are staying in one of the bungalows and i wondered if anyone had photos etc and encouraging comments.All four of us are in our 60s. but still upright and breathing! I've read Steve's good comments re B.W.Inn but would appreciate some more.

Thanks. Stella P.

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Holiday Report 6 - Blue Waters Inn   23 Mar 2003

Steve Wooler from Suffolk, England

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 03 February

Leaving the popular but relatively flat and less attractive south-western end of the island, we took the 75-minute drive from Scarborough to Speyside, at the opposite end of Tobago.

Although we had never stayed there before, the Blue Waters Hotel has long been one our favourite watering hole when visiting the north of the island. The hotel is located in beautiful and secluded Batteaux Bay, just north of the small fishing village of Speyside.

The Blue Waters is a magical spot for divers. With a 5-star PADI dive shop on the premises and some of the best diving in Tobago only minutes away (including the largest brain coral in the world), the Blue Waters Inn is a wonderful base.

Bird watchers will also adore Blue Waters. The hotel is nestled in 46 acres of tropical garden absolutely teaming with birdlife. I’m no ornithologist, but could happily sit watching the birds for hours (now, now!). The hotel even has its own resident macaw, Trini. Whilst chatting to the owner of the dive shop, Trini marched past us and into the office, just as if he was about to answer the telephone that was ringing.

Rated at 3-star, the Blue Waters Inn is relatively basic but, in honesty, has everything you need. Our standard double room was spacious and perfectly adequate. As much as I like and appreciate ‘luxury’, I would have absolutely no hesitation in spending an extended vacation at the Blue Waters. The hotel’s ‘efficiency’ apartments are larger, with kitchen and dining area. There are also a number of really lovely self-contained bungalows.

To say that the Blue Waters is located right on the beach is almost an understatement. I doubt whether the balcony of any room in the hotel is more than 10 yards/metres from the beach. At high tide, you feel as if you could jump from your balcony into the sea. In fact herein lay a problem – our first holiday argument was whether we should sleep with the windows closed and the air-conditioner on, or leave the balcony windows open and listen to the pounding waves. Being on the Atlantic coast, the stiff sea breeze was too much for mossies. However, the 5am racket of the many cocricos that inhabit the grounds did dampen the pleasure of sleeping with windows opening listening to the sea a little.

The unspoilt natural sandy beach is relatively small (500-600 metres) and rather narrow, particularly at high tide. Given the small size of the hotel (38 rooms) and the fact that many guests are bird watchers and divers who will be invariably off on trips, the beach is never crowded. The swimming is very good and the hotel has shown remarkable consideration for visitors by marking an area with buoys to keep dive and glass-bottom boats away from swimmers.

Although on the Atlantic coast, Batteaux Bay is shielded by Little Tobago and Goat Island, so the seas are much calmer than further south on the Atlantic coast. The cooling breezes mean that this coast feels a few degrees cooler than the Caribbean coast, which has been very refreshing during the warm weather of our first two weeks.

One of the biggest and most pleasant surprises of our stay was the standard of catering. Given its secluded location, the hotel relies very strongly on local produce and we were delighted with the results. Although a very limited menu, we thoroughly enjoyed every meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The staff at the Blue Waters Inn are typical Tobagonian – friendly, helpful and welcoming, if somewhat laid back and slow by European/North American standards. If you had to work in this heat, I guess you would slow down too – I certainly know that I have had to writing these reports.

Particular mention should be made of General Manager, Duane Kenny. Born and bred in Tobago, three years working for Disney in America is evident in his infectious enthusiasm. It is nice to come across a manager that leads from the front.

Without any shadow of doubt, we shall return to the Blue Waters Inn.

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