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Has Anyone Stayed At This Property?   

Helen Crisp

Hi folks,

Can I just say that I love the website, very informative. Anyway, we are toying with the idea of booking a holiday to Tobago in January 2006 with Virgin Holidays staying at the Enchanted Waters. Has anyone stayed here and if so your comments would be much appreciated? Was last in Tobago 5 years ago and we adored the island. We stayed at the Turtle Beach hotel then but quite fancy staying in a smaller accommodation this time.

Any comments or recommendations?

Thank you


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Enchanted Waters   

Cathy Spooner

Hi there

I'm looking into accommodation for my wedding party guests for next year and came across the Enchanted Waters (Patino's) website. The small hotel looks wonderful on the screen: has anyone been there and would you reccomend it? In addition do you think it would be a suitable location for someone with walking difficulties (are there many flights of stairs?)

Many thanks


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Enchanting Waters   

Steve Cash

ok , i am going to take my new wife to Tobago and both of us fancy this hotel so i was hoping somebody can answer a few questions for me

1. Is it suitable for kids , well our 1 year old son ,

2. is the package taht they offer for 14 days worth it , in my mind it seems very good ,and is teh car needed for the 14 days thats included .

3. is here more child freindly than the seahorse or teh grafton , i have satyed previously at teh Rex Turtle and i have promised teh wife tobe i wont take her to the same resort as i weant with the previous wife

4. is the cost of living ie , eating out for 7 days of teh holiday still cheap as when i was there about 9 years ago it was very very cheap , just wondering if its gone up to teh other isalnds prices

5. which is the best airline i have priced up Virgin who i rate very highly and i have travelled with BA b4 , and also Excell to teh canaries only , do Monarch still fly to the island ????????

6. is tehre a direct from Manchester as i live 10 mins drive away from there so would make sense to go from there

and lastly a recommendation from me for anyone who is flying from Gatwick and has to saty in a hotel teh night b4 , there is a hotel called IFIELD COURT in Ifield who offer 28 days free parking inteh winter and 14 free in the summer , free courtesy bus to teh airport , and is a very nice hotel with brilliant restaraunt , i have used many times when flying from Gatwick , tehy even make sure you havent got a flat battery in teh winter , for when you get back ,

anyway hopesomeone can help


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Enchanted Waters Hotel Review   


The second week of our holiday we stayed at the Enchanted Waters hotel. It is a nice 10-room hotel on Shirvan road. They have a lovely small garden, which is even lovelier in the evenings, when the beautiful lighting and the waterfall are on. There is also a swimming pool on site, not that big, but adequate. We strongly recommend renting a car, while staying here. It is kind of isolated. Shirvan road runs right next to the hotel so there is some noise. It is not the quietest of locations, but it’s not that bad either. There are animals on the premises too. Two dogs and two cats, but they are all kind and won’t bother you. The staff are very nice and the owner family too. One of the owners had even been to Finland. He was the only person we met on the island, who even knew, where Finland is.

We stayed in an executive suite, which was big and nicely decorated. They also brought beautiful flowers to our room, when we arrived. Our room was on the third floor and we had a big balcony with an open-air kitchenette. Breakfast wasn’t included in the room rate, but Gourmet Foods supermarket isn’t far and we bought our own breakfast supplies. The kitchenette was in good condition as were all the kettles and other dishes. They also have a ceiling fan on the balcony, which made it more pleasant to sit there. After getting used to the brand new air-con in the Seahorse Inn, the air-con here seemed a bit noisy. However the ceiling fan in our room was so efficient that we didn’t need to use the air-conditioning at night. The executive suite comes with a small Jacuzzi, but we didn’t use it.

Our return flight was only in the evening so we asked to keep our room till we’d have to leave to the airport. They needed our room, so they gave us one on the ground level. It was a standard suite. It was smaller in size than the executive suite and it didn’t have a Jacuzzi, but otherwise it was quite the same. It even had a better shower than the executive suite. If we’d known before, what the rooms are really like, we’d stayed in a standard room. I think it was better value for money. Not that the price difference is that big, but still.

Enchanted Waters Hotel / Kp Resorts   


Has anyone ever stayed at this hotel?? They are offering a great honeymoon package that involves a little bit of everything - romance, comfort, a tour, dining. Can i get some views, reviews, news!!! :D

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