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Guest Report   

Lorraine Irving from U.K. visited in June 2006 and awarded  Three out of Five

Went back again in June 2007. Just love the place, no 5 star its not, but then I dont live a 5 star life style. The staff are all freindly, and they reconised us from our last visit, treat them the way you wish to be treated and they will treat you the same. Dont expect to ask for something and it be done straight away, remember you are in the Carribean and things are done at a much slower pace, remembe your on holiday, away from rushing about. If you want night life then this is not the place for you. The locals on the beach are friendly and they are there to earn a living. Treat yourslef to a massage from Mary, get some sandals made by Henry, then go and see rubens and get him to carve you a trutle. Will we be going back for a third visit, YES we will, hopefully in the next 5 years.

Guest Report   

Sue Kirby from U.K. visited in May 2006 and awarded  Two out of Five


Last year I arrived at the Rex Turtle beach hotel worried as to what I might find after reading very negative reviews but we found the hotel staff friendly and helpful, rooms clean etc. and we had such a great time we rebooked again for this year taking with us my daughter, son and his partner, this is my review for this year

We arrived at the hotel at about 3pm where we were greeted with drinks, a young lady asked our names and then informed us our rooms were not ready yet and to take a seat and wait no explanation was given, after we had sat there for an hour I asked if we could check in and get our bands so that we could get a drink from the bar, the reply to this was no you must wait and that we could not use the bar. We finally got our room at 4.30pm my daughters was ready at 5.00 pm and my son got his room at 6pm! even after the cleaners had told us the room was ready at 5.30pm, but this was to be the standard of reception apart from Soyini and Ester, most of the other members of staff were offhand to say the least, especially one of the young men on duty in the evenings of our first week I do not know his name as like a lot of other staff members he did not wear a name badge.

When we did get in to our room the bedside light was missing, the door lock was broken, you had to lock it with a key, and the fridge had not been stocked. We reported the lock and asked if we could have a small side light for reading we are still waiting even after reporting that the door had been left unlocked by the cleaning staff on 4 occasions. When we attended the repeaters cocktail party the housekeeping manager asked if everything was ok we explained about the lock etc. and were assured it would be sorted and that we would get our fruit and rum which was not there on our arrival! The next day nothing was done, and we had to ask twice about the fridge being restocked on our 2nd week as housekeeping said it had been done, and the reason we did not receive our fruit and rum again because housekeeping said we had had it! You could also go a couple of days without hand towels and the cleaner we had the first weekend banged so hard on the door at 8.30am it must have shook the foundations, not just our room but 3 along from us had still not been cleaned by 2.30pm I was also rang at 4.30 by housekeeping wanting to clean the room and they were surprised when I said it had been already done.

The dining room staff apart from a couple were very down in the mouth one of the supervisors would totally ignore you when you said good morning or thank you, the drinks waiter arrived as you were finishing your main course. One evening my son was sent out of the dinning room because he had a length pair of linen trousers on very smart but not to the dress code, I have no problem with this he should have worn his long trousers, what I do object to is they did not send out the 3 middle-aged men in the dinning room wearing length shorts! Rule for one rule for all, age should not come in to it, or who is on duty at the time.

To be honest it got that we did not want to go into the dinning room so we went out a couple of times, room service is another joke, on your welcome letter it say that room service is between 7.30am -10.00pm but when we tried to order at 4pm as we had been out all day we were told we could not order until 6.30pm, the same with the charges, the menu in the information book says one price 40tt I think, but the letter says 20tt per tray.

Trying to get drinks at the bar in the evening was like pulling teeth with only one bar man on duty and the bar was always running out of ingredients, all the bar staff made the same drinks in different way this leads to a lot of waste (and could also account for the long wait in the dining room.) also when ordering frozen drinks do not expect to get one as for some reason the ice is always half melted.

Also be careful of the coconut trees just starting our 2nd week we were down on the beach my son had just moved his chair when a coconut landed where he had been sat! we took it to be a one off thing, but reported it to reception who said they would get some one to over to take a look, 3 hours later the second coconut just missed my daughter, smashing straight through the Sun shade on the beach!! we were then informed by one of the locals that quite a few of the coconuts in the tree were ripe and there was a good chance they would also come down along with a dead branch needless to say we moved! And again reported it to reception it took 4 days for someone to sort it out, but they carried on letting people sit there with no warning.

Morale of most of the staff is very low we were told due to poor wages, but I am sure if they smiled and made you feel welcome instead of an inconvienace they would get a lot more tips.

Staff around the world are guided by supervisors and managers no matter where you work

Guest Report   

Paul Holland from U.K. visited in April 2006 and awarded  Three out of Five

Having read numerous conflicting reports of the RTB,we were becoming increasingly concerned with what we may find, having already booked a 2 week stay during April.

Apartments - whilst basic, were extremely comfortable & incredibly well appointed being only a few yard walk over pleasant gardens to a fantastic beach location. This was invariably uninhabited save the occasional fishermen pulling in nets & the odd resident of the RTB out for a stroll.

Restaurant - have obviously done something to breath life into the all-inclusive offer. I work within the restaurant industry & have to say that the offer was varied & of superb quality throughout the 2 week stay.

Staff - were incredibly freindly & very helpful throughout the stay. I can only assume that comments regarding 'surly' staff were as a result of the guest`s attitude. The staff seemed genuinely eager to please & take pride in their work & their island.

Only one think to watch out for is the odd aloe vera salesman. Do not encourage these guys. The rest of the people you will meet, whether selling tours, calabash or whatever are extremely polite & a pleasure to meet.Again very proud of their island.

I would not hestate to return to the Rex Turtle beach & did indeed meet a number of repeat visitors. Whilst a little old & certainly not what would be considered a 4-5star hotel in the UK, the place has a certain character & relaxed feel & level of service that fits in perfectly with the island. This must also be the best location of any hotel on the island.

Paul - UK

Guest Report   

Donna Baylis from U.K. visited in April 2006 and awarded  Three out of Five

We spent 2 weeks at Turtle Beach in April & had a fantastic time. The rooms are a little tired but were always kept very clean with a good supply of clean towels & bedlinen. The food was much better than we had expected, we were able to try lots of local dishes & chips were only part of the buffet twice in 2 weeks! We found the staff to be very friendly & although some people might class the service as slow, to us it was just typically caribbean & that, we have no problem with!

We hired a jeep through Sheppys & found that to be excellent service , we went out & about quite alot & still feel there is so much more of this beautiful island we would like to see. As well as hiring a jeep we also took a taxi several times which was reasonably priced & our taxi driver was very friendly & very informative.

We spent a day on the ISLAND GIRL catamarran trip which was a brilliant day , so chilled out & we were so priviledged to see dolphins, turtles & lots of beautiful fish.

We have been to several caribbean islands & to be very honest when we were reading reports saying how special Tobago was we were thinking 'aren't all the islands?'. How wrong we were, Tobago & its people have something so appealing about them that we will definitely be returning to Tobago & Turtle Beach. Has anybody been in late October as we are saving our pennies & hoping to return then to cross a few more places off of our Tobago wish list!

Guest Report   

P Richards from U.K. visited in April 2006 and awarded  Three out of Five

On reading your review stating that staff attitudes seemed to be dependant on the teatment they received from their guests then I would have to disagree. Many staff were outstanding doing all they could to make our stay pleasant and enjoyable, however there did seem to be an undercurrent of bad feeling and unfriendly attitudes towards guests from certain members of staff. One particular chef (egg chef), a female was brilliant, chatting and joking with my daughter(9yrs) most mornings, being patient while she made her choise of eggs and reaching over to get her plate seeing as she is small. However one particular morning she had been replaced with another female who was nothing other than rude, impatient and ignorant to my daughter -with my daughter saying nothing other than "fried egg please" I wonder how that warrants the behaviour she received. Bar staff were also abrupt and unfriendly however, this may be explained by the severe understaffing of the bars and the volume of work the bar persons were doing.

The location is fantastic, the hotel is not perfect but is perfectly acceptable and comfortable, some of the staff are brilliant. The watersports staff are a credit to the hotel - always friendly, happy and singing just can't do enough for you. With just a little more of a friendly attitude from some of the other staff this holiday could have been our best ever on a truly wonderful island.

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