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Guest Report   

Clare Loughrey from U.K. visited in March 2005 and awarded  Five out of Five

I stayed at the Rex Turtle last March and i had the best time of my life.

After spending months reading reports on this website with my partner i became worried that i had made a mistake booking the holiday!

As a young couple, my partner and myself decided to treat ourselfs to a luxury holiday after months of saving and just happened to come across Tobago in a magazine. It looked like heaven, almost like a make believe place in your dreams!

We spent weeks looking for a suitable hotel and came across Rex Turtle Beach. we didnt hestitate and booked it straight away. I must say though, for many weeks after i worried as found myself reading negative reports from people about the hotel. In the end i just went with the flow and experienced it myself.

I had the best time of my life. I loved the hotel, the beach, the people,the food, the trips,the culture,the music, i just loved it all. We made some friends while staying there and are still in touch with them now. ( hello to Cherry and Mick if your reading!!)


Everyone was so nice there and we didnt have a single problem or worry while staying at the hotel.

My advise to people reading this is don't take any notice of the negative reports from people. These are the kind of people who go on luxury holidays 3-4 times a year and expect 5 star every time. This is a country where the people are so chilled out and have their own way of living. Its called culture. People who spend time writing negative reports about this hotel or country should really stick to the Hilton in New York!

In my eyes the Rex is 5 star in everything. It has won me over and am planning my second visit to experience heaven again.

So enjoy, relax and chill out!

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Guest Report   

D.marlow from U.K. visited in February 2005 and awarded  Three out of Five

Steve, I have been a silent visitor to this excellent web page of yours for over a year now, sometime's I am both amused and bemused by the comments left and to be honest I feel guilty for not commenting before. I missed you by days in Feb' of this year. Firstly excel one ( another victim of mixed reports )great going out and then the plane hit something on the st.kitts runway on the return flight, no problem it happens and excel placed us in accomodation we just ate we went swimming in fact we enjoyed another day, basic jumbo home followed refund and sorry letter, no problem as I say it happens. Turtle Beach, well lets forget the staff for a moment, what about the Brit's abroad, can we all try and be polite, smile, try and address the staff as people, not servants, to be honest I am very outgoing and asked there names when I said hello, I greeted them each day with good morning and as the holiday went on it went from good morning Mr marlow to good morning David. To cut a long story short I got out of my stay just what I put in, food is good, entertainment repeats the following week( come on people join in )B.B.Q nights are good. I enjoyed it so much we saved hard and go back for christmas.

Perhaps anyone else who reads this and enoyed Turtle Beach should write in, we tend to put pen to paper only when we moan.

Steve's own april report and update talks about the guest not mixing with each other, it was some and some on my visit. The new pool is great a bit shallow maybe, use common sense on the beach when swimming any local advice is normally good, remember the sea changes just like the weather, I found the sea fine in feb / march but things change !

Try Sunday school, enjoy Tobago, make your own mind up about any advise you read, go with an open mind and you will want to go back and listen to Steve Wooler, if any one knows his way, Mr Steve does, just mention his name.

Guest Report   

Susan Griffin from U.K. visited in June 2002 and awarded  Four out of Five

I would like to thank all of the staff who worked there for making me & my two children very welcome there, We went for my brothers wedding & was lucky enough to go for a 2 whole weeks. After my husband died in 1998 my son went off the rails for a while but a holiday in tobago did him the power of good & put him on the right track (I have never seen him look so relaxed). I can remember Mr Daniels the taxi driver, Ahmed the receptionist/Security for nights, Leroy who i think was a beach boy & Reuben who did a brilliant carving of a turtle for my daughter of which she still treasures. Thanks for a very enjoyable holiday.

Turtle Beach, An Updated Review Coming This Year!   01 Feb 2011

Richardus from Meaford ON

Sadly we must wait another 120 days before we can go and check out the Turtle Beach Resort and let everyone know how things have been going there lately.

We have noticed not much has been said about one of the largest accomodations (125 rooms) on Tobago along the famous Turtle Beach. The most recent review was a quick note by Roxanne from a year ago stating she loved the place.

With so many up and down reviews on this resort, we have to go there ourselves and find out what the true story is.

We will be submitting our own full written review in classic Wooler style for their consideration to post here upon our return. The review will include pics, videos and more! So Stay tuned and check back here around the Middle of June!

In the mean time, please feel free to post your thoughts about the Turtle Beach and any news you have heard about it here, we would be interested in learning all we can.


Richard and Heather

Where To Go   


Hi I am staying on turtle beach and was wondering what exactly there is to do near to the hotel. I am too young to hire a car, will there be sufficient public transport to get to areas with bars/restaurants?



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