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Marc Jones

They grown back yet (since the pool work)?

Just curious, I'll see for myself in 2 weeks :lol:

Here's hoping I get a room facing the beach along from the pool!

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Choosing My Room At The Rex - Calling All Rexophiles!   

Marc Jones

OK, having tracked down a working email for the Rex and having had a few chats with someone there I am now in a position to select my ground floor room :-)

I have to say, this is fantastic customer service and I am massively pleased. So, given the upper floors give the best view of breaking waves, and I'm out on that, anyone that's been help me select a position with no pool and noise (within context, I appreciate nowhere there will be disco city!) and preferably with a nice view of the beach as far as possible?

I've seen the posts elsewhere about upper floors but was curious to hear from seasoned Rexophiles before letting the Rex know where I'd like to be!

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Greetings From The Rex!   

Marc Jones

Day 3.

The weather is scorching but sometimes cloudy. Rain? More please, like the wicked witch of the west - I'm melting!

Rex is great, it's not plush, but then I am in the room to sleep and that's it. Aircon noisy but not loud enough to keep me awake and given it works well, I wouldn't care if it screamed "wake up" all night! ;-)

Hired a jeep, already done Crown Point to death, reviews of eateries and beaches to follow, restaurant experience ofchoice so far, Shore Things, by a mile. Wonderful staff and lovely homemade food (veggie friendly of course!).

Anyhow, to stay online whilst here is a crime, just called in after breakfast and before the pool opens (my son is intolerable unless he gets a dip or two a day in there, think bribing him so I can tour the island and you'll know why we love the pool!).

Online to look for some Little Tobago tour prices from King David Tours.

And yes, I have been nobled to buy aloe vera and a conch shell, although I did get a coconut opened and handed to me for 'free'. It was easier than saying no, believe me.

Been to three beaches other than the one the hotel is on, not a singl;e body other than those I took with me on them so far!

Idylic but hot.

Oh, and savaged by sandflies on the beach yesterday :( Off to find a pharmacy or a witch doctor.

See you all soon!

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Easter 2004 Review   

Steve Rea

We went all inclusive to the Rex over Easter 2004.

The pool is very good

So is the new bar.

Overall we found the hotel very good and the staff friendly.

The rooms are fairly basic but have aircon that works and a sliding door to a balcony / patio that faces onto the beach.

There's not tv's etc in the rooms but then why go to paradise to watch tv?

There's a few bits here and there that could do with a little bit or smartening up but nothing to worry about.

The food is good. Buffets mainly. The fish dishes especially the barracuda (sp?) is very nice.

The fact that the beach is literally outside your door is great too.

We'll be going back :)

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Going Tomorrow!   

Maz And Paul

Well, after months of reading reviews both good and bad, we are off to the RTB tomorrow. We stayed at the Toucan Inn just before christmas, which was our first visit to Tobago, and fell in love with the country and people. So delighted with what we had found, we wanted to share it with our youngest two teenagers, 15 and 17. so, this time, we chose A.I, which we've never even considered before, purely so we dont get driven mad for dollars.

Depending on the latest review, we've been excited, worried, nervous, then happy, all in turn, as we want our family to love the place too. Its their first trip to the Caribbean. Well, you know what teenagers are like!

So, watch this space. We will post an honest opinion of everything upon return, from the viewpoint of an ordinary family with no expectations, and no attitude. We just want to lime.

You can bet on one thing though, we're gonna get those kids to Cristals in Store Bay on saturday night and eat and dance till we drop! (no, they dont know yet) :D/


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