A brief synopsis of Tobago's national and local government

Tobago House of Assembly

Trinidad and Tobago have been united since the end of the 19th century (see History for full details) and are known jointly as T&T. The islands joined the West Indies Federation in 1958, attained independence from Britain in '62 and became a republic in '76.

The government of T&T is based in capital, Port-of-Spain, in Trinidad. Both the parliament and legal system are based on the British model. The president is the constitutional head of state, with executive power vested in a prime minister and a cabinet drawn from the largest parties. Parliament consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives. Tobago has had its own 15-seat House of Assembly since 1980 - the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) - and full internal self-government in 1987.

Tourist Information Office at Crown Point AirportIt is said that Tobago lives in the shadow of its sister Trinidad and in many ways this is very true. The two islands couldn't be more different - economically, culturally and ethnically. They are a highly unlikely pair. Trinidad is a hustling, bustling petroleum producer, sixteen times larger than Tobago. Trinidad's population of over 1¼ million bears as many ethnic and cultural links to India as Africa and its 7-mile proximity to South America is noticeable in many aspects of life and society. In comparison, Tobago is a neglected backwater.

Trinidad rather looks down on tourism, whilst Tobago thrives on it. Trinidad thinks of Tobago as a good place to go on holiday. Tobago tends to think of Trinidad as a good place to get mugged. A brilliant saying that truly sums up life and attitudes in Tobago is "the shortest distance between two points is not in Tobago".

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The Department Of Tourism
Tobago House Of Assembly
Doretta’s Court #197 Mt. Marie
Scarborough Tobago, W.I.

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Scarborough Head Office - Phone: (868) 639-2125, 639-4636 (639- INFO)
Crown Point International Airport - Phone: (868) 639-0509
Speyside Office - Phone: (868) 660- 6012

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