Spirit of Andrew Harries Aerial Gallery

A collection of aerial photographs of Tobago

Cotton Bay

Aerial photography is by far the best way to get an idea of Tobago's beauty and to see how under-developed the island remains. In addition to these static aerial photos taken by yours truly form a helicopter, readers will no doubt find our interactive aerial maps of use.

Readers may remember the generous help given by Tobago and UK businesses for the "Holiday Of A Lifetime" that we helped to arrange for Andrew and Rachel Harries in 2004, just three months before Andy died of cancer. The helicopter was provided by a local firm (now defunct) and renamed "Spirit of Andrew Harries". The same machine was subsequently used to take these photographs. It is appropriate and fitting that this gallery carries the same name and is published as a tribute and memorial to a very brave man. Details of Andrew's tragic story are available here.

Hold your mouse over any numbered thumbnail to see the name of the location and click to see an enlargement of the photograph.

Southern Tobago

These photos cover regions 1 (Crown Point), 2 (Lower Caribbean) and 6 (Lower Atlantic).

Buccoo Reef & Pigeon Point Bon Accord Lagoon Store Bay Buccoo Bay Buccoo-Grange Coastline Grange Beach, Mount Irvine Bay Mount Irvine Bay Stonehaven & Great Courland Bay Crown Point Crown Point Airport Back Bay Grafton Beach (Grafton/Le Grand Courlan Resorts) A.N.R.Robinson International Airport Crown Point Sanctuary Villa Resort Black Rock Beach, Stonehaven Bay Canoe Bay Kilgwyn Bay Turtle Beach, Stonehaven Bay Plymouth Tobago Plantations Development Petit Trou Lagoon Plymouth Back Bay De Witt's Bay, Lover's Bay at Plymouth Hilton Tobago, Little Rockly Bay Hilton Tobago Golf & Spa Resort Lowlands Little Rockley Bay Arnos Vale Bay Canaan

Central Tobago

These photos cover the western halves of regions 3 (Upper Caribbean) and 5 (Upper Atlantic)

Arnos Vale Coast Anse Fromager Bay Little Rockley Bay Culloden Bay Washerwoman's Bay Cotton Bay & King Peter's Bay Gordon's Bay & Celery Bay Castara 'Big' Bay Scarborough Lambeau & Signal Hill Castara 'Heavenly' or 'Little' Bay North coast beyond Castara Scarborough Scarborough Main Ridge Forest Reserve Main Ridge Forest Reserve Bacolet Bay Bacolet Cuffie River Valley Central Tobago Dwight Yorke Stadium, Bacolet Bacolet Point Atlantic Coast View Minister Bay (aka Minster or Big Bacolet Bay) Mount St.George Hope Bay

Satellite Photos

Readers may be interested in two fascinating satellite photographs of Tobago. This first was taken in 1990 and the second in 2000. It is fascinating to study both and see how little development has occurred during the decade between.

1990 Satellite Photograph of Tobago  2000 Satellite Photograph of Tobago

Tobago Satellite Map

Enjoy interactive satellite maps of Tobago. If you have Google Earth download the map here. If not, click the map below to view in a browser window.

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