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Guest Report   

Tim Dim from Netherlands visited in February 2012 and awarded  Five out of Five

We had a fantastic time at the Beach House (one of the 2 downstairs studios), i honestly can't think of anything that could be improved or enhanced, it was exactly the type of accomodation that we were looking for. The house was very clean, and there was a good supply cutlery and kitchen gear to use.

Porridge was there when we arrived to show us around the house, just like we had arranged by phone, and came by a couple of days later to check if everything was okay, all very non-intrusive and extremely friendly.

We really enjoyed every bit of it, and were actually disappointed when our departure date came.

The location so close to the beach, and with the Boat House next door is absolutely perfect. We also really appreciated the rest of Castara and surroundings, it was definitely the best part of our 2 week holiday.

I'm certain we'll come back to Tobago sometime soon, and have absolutely no doubt that we'll be back at the Beach House in Castara!

Guest Report   

from Germany visited in January 2012 and awarded  Five out of Five

We had a wonderful time at the Beach House (staying two weeks in one of the 2 downstairs studios). For us it was just perfect! Our idea of paradise.

We really enjoyed being so close to the beach; only three steps away from the water with a nice snorkeling spot directly in the bay (we even saw a turtle and stingrays).

Sitting on the balcony reading and watching all kind of birds that come to the feeders was just great. The sundown’s where fantastic! (In the evening there are even little fruit-bats coming to the feeders, if you attract them with small pieces of banana ;-))

The house is really beautyfull! The apartment is very well equipped, especially good quality cookware. Great barbecue!! We can’t think of anything missing!

Special thanks to the owners Carol and Graham, who made us feel so very welcome! Many thanks also to Darlington, who took us on a great tour to the rainforest and of course to Porridge and Jeanelle for the help and the easy car rental.

We will be back ;-)

Guest Report   

Helen Barney from U.K. visited in December 2011 and awarded  Four out of Five

We stayed in the Breadfruit Grove apartment for 8 days and had a wonderful time. The apartment is not only charmingly rustic, but also very well equipped e.g. Good quality cookware and a very comfortable bed. There is plenty of outside space offering both sun and shade options. It was wonderful to be so close to the beach and to be able to pop down for a swim and have a a shower straight after. (an outside tap and shower are thoughtfully provided for post-beach ablutions.). One of our favourite parts of each day was watching the colourful birds on the feeders as we had our early morning cup of tea - delightful.

The friendly Boat House bar/restaurant is right on the doorstep. In fact we found everyone we met in Castara to be friendly and helpful, especially Porridge and Jeanelle who were always there if we needed them.

We had a really relaxing time and would love to have stayed longer. The only downside was theMosquitos-take plenty of repellant and still expect to be bitten. But that's a small price to pay for the opportunity to stay in this little piece of paradise!

Guest Report   

Terry & Kathy from U.K. visited in December 2011 and awarded  Three out of Five

We are unable to grade higher than 3 as the description on the website is perfectly accurate, but, for us it was the perfect location and we have no complaints.

Do NOT expect 5* luxuy but if like us you are looking for a casual, practical and get away from it all location then this place is for you.

Where else can you slip out of bed and be in the sea withing seconds? Who needs a shower and teeth clean when you can fall into the Caribbean for a wake me up wash? Brilliant.

Take little notice of the so called rooster complaints or vendors selling goods to you as with us it was never a problem.

The Caribbean without chickens is like a pub without beer and let's face it, no chickens equates to no eggs which neans no breakfasts and no chicken curries so learn to live with them.

However, if you feed them then expect early visitors as with the local dogs so entirely up to you.

We also must dismiss the myth of unfriendly locals who are so used to tourists they seem them as everyday village folk, so say "Hi" to them and you might be surprised how friendly they are, even the bread ladies. We found them all just fine.

Do visit Cheno's coffee shop in the village for casual dining and a warm welcome from such a nice guy. Sharon's cooking next door at the Boathouse is difficult to equal especially if you are a veggie as she will go out of her way to fix you up with whatever you want if given a bit of notice.

With Porridge you will make your own mind up!

An excellent example of happy communication and personality prior to the computer age, twitter, facebook etc.

Remember him well as such personalities are a dying breed and a sign of future generations who will not be able to communicate in this manner.

Sorry we broke a glass but we can only hold the strength of home made rum punches to blame !!!!!!

Guest Report   

Sue & Gil Law from Canada visited in November 2011 and awarded  Four out of Five

The Beachhouse - exactly as promised!

Great access to the wonderful little Bay that is Heavenly Bay...

Great access to the wonderful Boathouse Restaurant and host Sharon - about 5 seconds away to be exact!

Great access to help from Porridge & Jeanelle!

From the start, we were greeted with the "Porridge" sign - by his son Shaq, and driven up to the Beachhouse. Shaq was such a cutie! Even though it was pouring rain that day, we could see how beautiful the island is...

We arrived at the Beachhouse, and - because of the weather - did not promptly hit the beach, as we normally would - but chose instead to put our clothes away & get organized, after being up for more than 24 hours....

We were in Breadfruit Grove, and mostly, there was enough room for our stuff (we used our luggage to put some of our clothes) - a suggestion would be to add 1 more dresser - possibly over to the right of the mirror? but no biggie, we managed! It looked just like on the website, and the pics Alison had sent us before deciding. What a great little place!

Porridge arrived a little later to greet us personally & to make sure we had everything we needed. This was just the start of the personalized service we received from them - little things like bringing us a t-towel when the maid forgot - toilet paper - fixing my glasses! When invited over for a BBQ of fish, they actually dropped it off, all seasoned for us, with a note saying something had come up, & they couldn't join us. Well that wouldn't do! Needless to say, we changed the date to the next night, so that they could - and had a great time with them & a few other vacationers!

You have the best of the best in the Beachhouse Managers!

On an island tour, Jeanelle was extremely patient - stopping every single time I wanted to take a picture!!!

When we needed to be dropped off in Scarborough to meet a friend - Porridge did it no problem!

I can't say enough about the two of them....

Also our Maid Carli was very quick & efficient in doing laundry when we asked, and very cheerful & polite.

Anyway, the Beachhouse itself is very quaint, just enough for 2 people. We loved sitting on the balcony, feeding the birds in the mornings - bring SUGAR! - and because of the inclimate weather for about 7-8 of the 14 days, found us doing that a lot! :) Oh yes, no worries about no A/C - as stated, the fan was exactly enough air for us! In fact had to turn it off a couple nights. We already miss the sound of the waves crashing.... got to really love that sound!

We've stayed in other self-catering places, and were very surprised to find that the Beachhouse supplies toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, mosquito spray, soaps, and things like that. These are things in one of our other repeat-condos that we in fact have to buy. Much appreciated!

Loved the proximity to the beach & restaurant - and if I was in better shape, would've enjoyed the steep walk up to the village. However, Porridge showed us the "short cut" which we could in fact, use if it wasn't terribly wet.

We went up to look at Coconut Heights (the large 1 BR up top) - GORGEOUS! - and thought we might choose there another time - but that was mainly because we were rained out quite a bit & could've used a bit more room on a "cabin fever" day. Nobody's fault, just the rainy season!

All in all, would recommend this place highly - nice ambiance, GREAT help via Alison beforehand - and the "everything you need we will try to get you" friendly and VERY fun! attitude supplied by Porridge & Jeanelle & family! If Porridge or Jeanelle couldn't do something themselves, they found someone who could!

Loved it, will be back as soon as we can get there! Meanwhile, it's been nice keeping in touch with the people in Castara via email/Facebook.... gotta love technology!

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