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Guest Report   

Sue & Gil Law from Canada visited in November 2011 and awarded  Four out of Five

The Beachhouse - exactly as promised!

Great access to the wonderful little Bay that is Heavenly Bay...

Great access to the wonderful Boathouse Restaurant and host Sharon - about 5 seconds away to be exact!

Great access to help from Porridge & Jeanelle!

From the start, we were greeted with the "Porridge" sign - by his son Shaq, and driven up to the Beachhouse. Shaq was such a cutie! Even though it was pouring rain that day, we could see how beautiful the island is...

We arrived at the Beachhouse, and - because of the weather - did not promptly hit the beach, as we normally would - but chose instead to put our clothes away & get organized, after being up for more than 24 hours....

We were in Breadfruit Grove, and mostly, there was enough room for our stuff (we used our luggage to put some of our clothes) - a suggestion would be to add 1 more dresser - possibly over to the right of the mirror? but no biggie, we managed! It looked just like on the website, and the pics Alison had sent us before deciding. What a great little place!

Porridge arrived a little later to greet us personally & to make sure we had everything we needed. This was just the start of the personalized service we received from them - little things like bringing us a t-towel when the maid forgot - toilet paper - fixing my glasses! When invited over for a BBQ of fish, they actually dropped it off, all seasoned for us, with a note saying something had come up, & they couldn't join us. Well that wouldn't do! Needless to say, we changed the date to the next night, so that they could - and had a great time with them & a few other vacationers!

You have the best of the best in the Beachhouse Managers!

On an island tour, Jeanelle was extremely patient - stopping every single time I wanted to take a picture!!!

When we needed to be dropped off in Scarborough to meet a friend - Porridge did it no problem!

I can't say enough about the two of them....

Also our Maid Carli was very quick & efficient in doing laundry when we asked, and very cheerful & polite.

Anyway, the Beachhouse itself is very quaint, just enough for 2 people. We loved sitting on the balcony, feeding the birds in the mornings - bring SUGAR! - and because of the inclimate weather for about 7-8 of the 14 days, found us doing that a lot! :) Oh yes, no worries about no A/C - as stated, the fan was exactly enough air for us! In fact had to turn it off a couple nights. We already miss the sound of the waves crashing.... got to really love that sound!

We've stayed in other self-catering places, and were very surprised to find that the Beachhouse supplies toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, mosquito spray, soaps, and things like that. These are things in one of our other repeat-condos that we in fact have to buy. Much appreciated!

Loved the proximity to the beach & restaurant - and if I was in better shape, would've enjoyed the steep walk up to the village. However, Porridge showed us the "short cut" which we could in fact, use if it wasn't terribly wet.

We went up to look at Coconut Heights (the large 1 BR up top) - GORGEOUS! - and thought we might choose there another time - but that was mainly because we were rained out quite a bit & could've used a bit more room on a "cabin fever" day. Nobody's fault, just the rainy season!

All in all, would recommend this place highly - nice ambiance, GREAT help via Alison beforehand - and the "everything you need we will try to get you" friendly and VERY fun! attitude supplied by Porridge & Jeanelle & family! If Porridge or Jeanelle couldn't do something themselves, they found someone who could!

Loved it, will be back as soon as we can get there! Meanwhile, it's been nice keeping in touch with the people in Castara via email/Facebook.... gotta love technology!

Guest Report   

Fenje En Marcel from Netherlands visited in June 2011 and awarded  Five out of Five

We had a lovely time at Palm Corner, liming all day.. Jeanell, Porridge wife, is a very sweet person and a wonderfull host. Our trip trough the rainforrest with Newton George is one we'll never forget, book him if you have the time!

Locals love to party so don't complain if you here some music late at night but bring some earpluggs or join the party. Palm corner is a clean en neat appartment with everythng a couple needs for a relaxing holiday..

Guest Report   

Cat And Dirk from U.K. visited in May 2011 and awarded  Five out of Five

We had a full 2 weeks at the Beach House and rank it as 1 of our best holidays - and we've had alot so that's praise indeed.

Best to be there 14-15 nights and travel either side to really benefit & chill.

We loved the calmness of the little beach and the beautiful sea and the lovely house which we called home as it really felt like it.

It has all you need - and the best sunsets - we stayed in a nd cooked alot in the evenings as we wanted to be there as much as possible.

Had great boat trips - best way to see the Island.

The owners are really lovely which is great.

I adopted the baby chickens and a lovely cat and simple pleasures of feeding them was the 'hardship' of my day - it's that chilled!

I'd rather keep it a secret but it would be a sheme not to share.

Guest Report   

Fran Matthews from U.K. visited in March 2011 and awarded  Four out of Five

Coconut heights really is a special place. Absolute heaven for any bird loving folk! Bananaquits, [who will join you for breakfast if you are eating pineapple or watermelon!] Mot mots, Blue Tanigers and Ant Shrikes to name but a few local residents! The view is stunning with gorgeous sunsets and lush gardens surround the house where if you are lucky you will spot a hummingbird or two.

Castara is a really friendly place and of course would not be the same without Porridge and his wife Jeanelle. They were fantastic; really lovely people. The only place to eat [ in my view! ] is Margarites in the village run by the great Sherwin.

We stayed for one week with 3 teenagers who spent many hours in the very comfortable hammocks which are in each appartment.

Negative points if there are any are that the mosquitos are quite a nuisance so do take all precautions necessary. There is also a local cockerel who likes to crow at all hours so if you want peace and quiet,not sure Tobago is the place for you! Also get ready for the Blue Mango bar!

Would definitely come back and stay here again. Tobago is very special.

Guest Report   

Anna & Daniel Raab from Germany visited in August 2010 and awarded  Five out of Five

We are back from another fantastic week in the Beachhouse. The sixth time we returned. So far we always stayed in Breadfruit Grove because it met all our needs.

Anyhow, we decided to stay in Coconut Heights this time – we just wanted to try it out – although we had been perfectly happy all the other times. And – what shall I say?

Breadfruit Grove is paradise – Coconut heights is heaven beyond.

The whole apartment is equipped with everything you might require – a lot more than you will need during your stay – especially in the kitchen. Even lots of small things you sometimes may need, like matches, a candle or a flashlight – the owners thought of everything. And they leave it for the guests because they want us to feel comfortable. In lots of apartment I’ve been in my life the owners lock a lot of things away – probably because they don’t want to get them damaged or stolen. Not in the Beachhouse. You have everything you may need – and you see and feel everywhere how much Carole and Graham care for the house and their guests – and with how much love they furnished the house – and keep everything in perfect condition.

And then all the space – there are so many places you may sit down – or lie down. Everyone offers a different view. Of course – it’s double the size as the apartments downstairs – but it is a lot more than that. We felt so comfortable and happy in Coconut Heights that we almost didn’t want to leave it – not even to go for a swim.

Castara itself hasn’t changed – fortunately. The people are still friendly and nice, no new hotels were built in the recent year, the shops still offer almost everything you need, the fruitman is still coming everyday and offering his delicious fruits, the beach is still wonderful and always clean.

When we return to Tobago, it’s out of question that we will ever stay anywhere else that in the beach house – we will just have to decide in which apartment – will we choose the paradise or the heaven beyond?

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