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Amber from U.K. visited in May 2010 and awarded  One out of Five

Seriously idyllic location with everything you need within easy reach. Palm Corner is perfectly located, with a good layout, and decent kitchenette.

Being on the beach, it is over run with insects (various walking, flying and biting varieties) and so you have to keep the windows shut if you want to minimise the critter population. There is a mosquito net but this serves to make you hotter and mosquitoes can and do get inside. Having the windows shut makes for an unbearably hot room in which it is impossible to sleep, and makes you sweat right through the pillow and the sheets. (I really hope they clean the pillows between guests.) The cleaner only comes once during a week's stay, and only changes the sheets and towels and doesn't clean anything. Now because you are right on the beach it does get really sandy and dirty in there - as do the mats, towels etc - no matter how careful you are. We felt if only she would mop the floor (no facilities provided to do it yourself) that would make such a difference. The water comes from a tank and smells really fishy, we ran out of water once, etc - it is always hot, but we didn't feel clean. Various other minor aspects were off-putting too, eg the electricity, the general cleanliness, it could do with major paint job, etc. Speaking to other holidaymakers, I don't believe this to be typical of apartments in Castara. The apartment above also looks like it is a lot nicer and up to date than the studio. Porridge, who helps to maintain the apartment is very helpful and conscientious, and really does his best to try to fix things asap, where he can.

We really loved everything about Castara - the beach, the sea, the people, marine life, dogs & cats, the food, the atmosphere feline life and the people, but it seems the owners of this place are really trying to skimp as much as possible, which sadly put a bit of a dampener on our 2nd week in Tobago. On their website Ts & Cs it says you have to accept that it is a very basic apartment (not their words), and we had booked & paid months before, so we didn't feel complaining would make any difference so we just waited it out.

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Guest Report   

Alex And Vidien from Netherlands visited in May 2010 and awarded  Five out of Five

We're back from a fantastic 3 week holiday!

Two years ago we stayed one week in Breadfruit grove. We visited some other places and apartments in Tobago and we knew from the moment on that The Beach House was just the place to be.

This year we stayed in Coconut heights.

Every thing was fine, the kitchen had a blender so we made ourselfs fresh smoothies with fruit from the man who came by our door.

We don't agree with Amber below. We didn't see an insect invested beach, as a mather of fact the beach was cleaned almost every day. That's a big difference with other beaches in the caribean.

There were mosquitos, we had brought some repellend from home and bought OFF in Scarborough. The supermarket and Max sell coils, you do need them and use the van and net. Mosquitos love light, so be carefull with the lights in the bedroom (as you do at home?).

During our stay the Castara Yard cup (football) was being played. It's great fun to see the players and the spectators round the odd shaped field.

Porridge took good care of us. We had a realy good time at Castara, nice to meet all te people again we've seen the previous time.

And glad that everything is still the same. No big hotels or resorts, hope that will never happen.

Breadfruit grove is paradise, Coconut heights is heaven beyond!

Guest Report   

Linda Gold from U.S.A. visited in May 2010 and awarded  Five out of Five

We absolutely loved our stay at Beach House. My husband and I stayed in Coconut Heights and our friends in one of the apartments below us. The view from the cottage was beautiful beyond all our expectations: the palm swaying in the breeze, the pelicans feeding in the bay, the steep, lush green hills coming down to the sea, perfect sunsets, a rainbow, fish to view with our snorkle equipment. Porridge was very attentive to our wants and needs and was a delighful person. We ate good food at the local restaurants. We will definitely come back.

Guest Report   

Keeley from U.K. visited in April 2010 and awarded  Five out of Five

A beach house,

Never in my life have i been able to sleep so close to the sea, watch the amazing wildlife and chill out completely. WE fell in Love with this place - I am a keen traveller but I have never really been so captivated by anywhere such as Castara. Staying at the beach house, made it even more specaial. Upon our arrival, we met the nicest of people next door and upstairs, and the 1st night we were having a bbq with them all (the fish had been caught that day on Anacondas Boat by our very keen neighbour/fisherman).

As for the beach house, if there was ever a negative review - I really cant understahd why??!!! This place is idealic, it warm homely friendly and encaptures you from the moment you walk. There might be a few mosquitos, but Hell what do you expect when you are in a tropcical island net to beach. Take some Mozzie spray, tiger balm and get on with enjoying your vacation!

If you do stay here, make sure you take a trip out with Porridge, A lovely charming man and superb guide.

Guest Report   

Andreas + Susanne from Germany visited in April 2010 and awarded  Five out of Five

This was our second holiday at the beach house, the first was in 2009. And we liked it even more than last year. Here we have found our paradies.

In the reports below more or less erverything is told about the house, Castara and also Porrigde, who was again a great care taker for us. What schould we say more.

So far: it is not easy to understand how it feels, sitting at the balcony and watch the sunset at this place, if you have not done this experience by yourself. Try it and you know what I mean.

Castara and the beach house makes a dream come true.

We enjoyed the leatherback turtles, whales, barracudas, flying fish, Mot Mots, Pelikans, hummingsbirds, and much, much more other animals.

April was really hot and dry, so we spend much time in and on the water eg. doing boattrips with Poridge, snorkelling, catching some Bonitos and make a nice BBQ at Paradies Bay.

We will come back.

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