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Guest Report   

Danny And Stacia from U.S.A. visited in May 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

My wife and I recently spent a week at the Beach House. On our last full day, we married at Englishman’s Bay.

Our simple advice– if you are looking for a “sophisticated”, air-conditioned sort of place that provides a safety buffer between yourself and the place/people you’ve chosen to visit; and complete with a staff to serve you – the Beach House is probably not for you.

Read the web page carefully. Contact the management with questions, and read their answers. Carefully.

If you wish a truly out-of-the-way place; staying in a facility that blends itself into the local environment; are not intimidated by close interaction with locals (on terms of friendly equality); and are seeking to find new meaning in the term “relaxation”, then by all means consider the Beach House.

We stayed in Palm Corner. We loved it. It had all that we required. We spent most of our time either on the porch enjoying the wonderful birds (this includes chickens), the beautiful view, and the sound of the waves; or swimming and snorkeling in the lovely sea. All of this was eight seconds walk from our porch!

We usually wandered to the village for lunch. The food was generally excellent, especially if you happen to like “chicken or fish”. We prefer fish, and it was fresh! The Tree House, run by Lauro, was a favorite, but try Hazel at L&H, and Vera’s also!

Evenings, we tended to cook in the kitchen, enjoying the breeze and ever-present sound of waves. Dinner on the porch was just grand.

Yes, there are mosquitos,and yes they bite. Use the net provided. And the odd lizard creeping around the room (lovely green colors). Hey, bring some coils, have a Carib, and smile!

What truly makes Castara and the Beach House a haven, are the people. Porridge is a whirlwind of smiles and efficiency. We relied on him greatly. He met our awkwardness and needs with friendliness,and always delivered.

Carol and Graham we will not forget. We enjoyed lovely hours on our wedding eve, of rum drinks and conversation on the porch. They always provided a smile and care for our comfort.

The fellows at the Boat House (never actually opened while we were there, haha), provided us with a private “mini-reception”, drinks and dancing on our wedding day that we’ll never forget. To Benton, Overload, and the Crew –God Bless, and may your carrot wine never run dry.

King David was a great help. See him for tours, or even a fine dinner delivered to your door! Porridge can put you in touch. To Sammy and Bones, DJ, Lauro, and everyone else – we thank you.

On the average great vacation, you are a tourist. At the Beach House in Castara, you become a part of the community. And it's lovely.

Love from the USA-

Danny and Stacia

Guest Report   

Gail Hampshire from U.K. visited in April 2006 and awarded  Four out of Five

The beach houses are in an ideal location on the beach,and the waves sent me off to sleep , as did the hammock!

Kitchen is well equipped, which is just as well as not many eateries to choose from in this idyllic, get away from it all, location.

Good snorkelling,birds, animals ..a naturelovers paradise...unfortunately this includes Mosquitoes!

Porridge and his wife could not have been more helpful.He even polished out the scratches put on to our hire car by a stray cow, how about that for service?

We hope to go back again to this lovely laid back Island.

Guest Report   

Gill And Shaun Overton from U.K. visited in April 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

This was our first trip to the caribbean, let alone Tobago, so we didn't really know what to expect. After staying at the Beach House, we will definately be returning next year.

The position on "Heavenly Bay" was perfect. We loved the sounds of the waves, and the birds which wake you in the morning,(although the first morning we were woken before daylight by an unearthly racket which we later discovered was a cocrico!)

My favourite times of the day were; first thing in the morning when only the birds are about, and watching the sun set in the evening. I could not have imagined that anywhere could be so relaxing. After dark we would sit on the veranda, sharing a beer or two with some friends we made; watching the fireflies dance.

Shaun was in his element, with fishing 20 yards from the Beach House. He also really enjoyed a couple of trips out with Anaconda, who was a really genuine guy. We rarely ate out,as Shaun kept us supplied with a variety of fish for dinner. We did eat at the Boat House once, which was very good, but unfortunately it was shut for most of our stay.

We found the Beach House perfect for us. We spent a lot of time on the veranda watching the birds, and lizards feeding on the fruit we put out for them.

We did hire a car from Porridge for a week, and travelled around the island, but it felt so good to be back in Castara at the end of the day. Porridge and Jeanelle were incredibly friendly and helpful. Try Jeanelle's cooking; it was delicious, and excellent value.

We are so looking forward to returning to the Beach House next year. Truly paradise!

Guest Report   

Richard And Alice from U.K. visited in February 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

OK - The holidays now over (we were out from 25th Jan - 7th Feb) and it's back to work for us but - what a fantastic place the Beach House is......we stayed in Coconut Heights

The memories we have of the place will stay with us for along while yet and we're enthusing about it to anyone who'll listen!!

There are plenty of reviews of what you can expect at the Beach House and they are all true so I won't expand on those.

Our stay crossed over with the owners who were fab - we shared a passion for camper vans which gave us plenty to talk about!!

Brenton's bush rum is to be avoided at all costs unless you want a night you can't remember...having stayed up drinking the bush rum with Brenton and Marvin I over endulged and now can't bear the smell of the stuff. The next day Brenton was back on it!!!

We toured around and stayed at Kariwak and Footprints as well as the Beach House and there are many people who'll offer you boat trips. My advice is to ask for Marvin (Nature Boys Tours) who'll look after you.... We went out with him (we shared the trip with all the other people staying at the Beach House) and went to the Nylon Pools - Coral Garden - Bucco Reef and Marvin went at our pace and knew all the best spots. The added advantage with Marvin is that he is also one of the fishermen from Castara and grew up in Castara so is a great source of information and fish!!

If you can get to the Beach House and want to have your own place on a small quiet beach over looking the caribean sea then - look no further...

We'll be back as this place is great

Guest Report   

Renate Goerner from Switzerland visited in January 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

We arrived in the dark at the Beach House and "wow" the ocean was so close that we had the impression it's running through our bedroom. In the morning we woke up and were delighted of this amazing view from our balcony. Just sun, beach, palms and breadfruit trees. Well, there was something else calling our attention this first morning: a hen! She wanted to come in our apartment but we weren't that responsive of her idea. In the evening of our first day (Saturday) we tried the "Boathouse" for dinner as they announced a live band. This little restaurant is just nearby the Beach House. Brenton, who is running the Boathouse, started dancing with the tourists and later on he was entertaining us with a couple of songs, obviously well known to the locals, who had much fun, too. The next day we put something in the feeder of our balcony to get the birds attention. It took not more than 15 minutes and the first arrived. We saw motmots and other rare species very close. In the evening (Sunday) we went with Porridge to the Sunday School. If you like to drink Rum while listening to a great steel band and if you like to dance: don't miss this experience! On Monday evening we had a little chat with a local at the Boathouse. We told him about the visit of the hen and that it would be nice if she were laying an egg. Guess what we found that evening on one chair of our balcony? We were not sure if this wasn't a joke from the locals so we decided to keep a straight face. To make a long story short: the next morning the hen came on our balcony and sat down on the chair ready to lay one egg more. We got three eggs in one week and I think if we hadn't disturbed her several times it would have even been more. By the way, the eggs were delicious! The next day we went on a boat trip to pigeon point and had a great barbecue on no mans land. Have you ever been eating fresh pineapple standing on a sand bank with your feet in the water? On our last day we went on an island trip. The vegetation is very beautiful; one bay looks nicer than the other... This is the place to stay!

One word to the organisation: You will find exactly what is promised on the Website of the Beach House. Read carefully the instructions you get by e-mail because they are very helpful. Then your stay at the Beach House will be one of the nicest holidays you've ever had. On your ride from the airport or your first day ask Porridge about things to do (like boat trips, island tours etc.).

Renate & Nadja

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