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Guest Report   

Zenda from Trinidad visited in July 2016 and awarded  One out of Five

Stay at the villas this weekend and I must say it was the worst. It is terrible, the cost per night was $770.00 . We stayed two nights and for what we were charged it was so disgusting. The place was nasty, the bathrooms stink, the Ac leaked water on our heads , the kitchen cupboards was in a dilapidated state if you can call it a cupboard. No Ac in th hall only bedrooms. I will be posting pics of the condition the villa was in. This place will never get my business again.

Guest Report   

Troy Whalen from Canada visited in February 2013 and awarded  One out of Five

On arrival my wife and I met the manager/owner. We asked to sea the beach before checking in. Regardless if staying at the inn or swimming/seeing the beach you have to pay a fee. The manager told us to leave immediately and that he was done with me. I asked him to let us view the facility before staying and then he told us to leave and that he was done with us. The facility is a few concrete buildings painted orange and a simple bar hut at the entrance. The facility is very unsecured and at the end of a lonely road in a heavy industrial park. The place is messy on first impreciations as well. None of the rooms that would be guest houses appeared to be better than a animal barn. I can only hope to tell you to stay far away from this place. It is a real shit hole.

I was only thankful I didn't reserve the place with a credit card. I went five minutes down the street to the Magdalena (Old Hilton Plantation resort) and checked in for 4 nights. This is the second time I stayed at the Magdalena. It has immproved a great amount. Mos things were in great shape. The rooms are clean and the food realy good. It has a long beach that although the water is a bit rough it is like 3 km long and well kept up. White sands and hardly a person using it. On the same note I never go to see the canoe bay as a result of the manager/owner. Beaches cannot be owned in Tobago. So that man a real jerk. I only suspect he is a white and a indian hater, because w are mixed couple. I believe he say us together and his racist mindset came out. His bar was full of black Afro people. You figure the rest out for yourself.

Around Coco reef inn near Peagon point is full of local trouble makers. We went to the beach before the area you have to pay for and truly it much better than the pay beach.

Guest Report   

Annalse from Barbados visited in March 2011 and awarded  One out of Five

We stayed here with family from Trinidad and it was awsome to be with the family. We loved Tobago because it was so peaceful, but the accommodation was way far below what we offer at home. I also found the manner and attitude of the staff strange. It is not a visitor-friendly place.

Guest Report   

A. Mohammed from Trinidad visited in August 2010 and awarded  Three out of Five

My stay at canoe bay was very relaxing,the beach was lovely, the pool wes great. The rooms were ok, comfortable and standard.The room could use a bigger television though.I stayed in room 11.This place is ideal for families who wish to spend quality and undivided time with their loved ones . In my view it is great for children.The lawn could be used for playing games, having picnics or just relaxing.The beach is beautiful, not deep or rough, but nice and calm.

The lawns were very well kept, the view was extremely beautiful.The bar could use an upgrade.The staff were pleasent and friendly.The sounds of Tobago's national bird Cocrico would be echoing in the morning.I would recommend this place for anyone wishing to get away from the evolving fast pace lyfestyles. It is very quiet, serene, peaceful and clean.

I cant wait to return there,to just kick back relax and enjoy the beautiful view.

Guest Report   

Jozanne from Trinidad visited in June 2010 and awarded  Four out of Five

The road to canoe bay beach resort is paved however, in the compound itself, is not. Regardless of that i agree with Gloria's comments it deserves a second look. You just have to gain respect to get respect that is all. Now i was not there when ppl obtain attitudes from certain staff members but we actually sat and chatted with them they were excellent in terms of having a good conversation.

The colours of the apartments looked like toys ;). Inside is WONDERRFUL air conditioned rooms, small kitchenette, cute bathroom,patio etc.

i saw someone complained about "no windows" why on earth do u need windows when there are an a/c unit, a wooden/glass door where u can just open it for the view of both the pool and the beach, trees, sunlight and fresh air. If you do not want all of that, just push aside the curtains u will just get all except air. Although there were windows in the end rooms.

Someone also complained about the "very small pool" well ppl if you want a very large pool, go to a hotel in another country you will get the large pool that you want. The pool is small but very comfortable, deep, heart shaped,elevated and you can swim comfortably from end to end, and it's not even that small. I am 5ft 9 1/2 inches tall and that pool is probably..., maybe 5ft 8 inches to 6 feet deep.

The beach is calm although i did not bathe in it. At a certain hour in the morning, the tide is low and you can walk far out and it's like "where is the tide, where does the water end?" If you understand what i mean.

Someone also complained about loud music from a wedding.. I am sure for their wedding (if they are married) they had loud music as well... People please make sure you go to the site before you go to the place.. Not only this place, but any place you would like to go. But this site specially states "Weddings and Honeymoon ..."

if you knew that you have not have gone because thus far EVERY wedding have some sort of music. Anyone please correct me if i am wrong. I don't like when people complain about stupid things when you have choices." which to me means, "EXPECT A WEDDING ANYTIME"

Why would you want to look around in a place before going into it u are not buy a house. I never knew that hotels/beach houses allows people to look around before u stay.. (again correct me if i am wrong). I do believe, by just watching the oldish man's face that he has an attitude, he looks so. but i did not get any attitude and neither did the guests who stayed the same time i have stayed.

I just wanted to say that people are just full or shh... nonsense and need to stop complaining for nothing..

They just need to maintain the place a little more but other than that it was verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry comfortable

my boyfriend and i totally enjoyed the place and will be going back sometime please God.

If people wants quietness and peace except for the weddings, go Canoe Bay...

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