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Guest Report   

Leidy Vega from Venezuela visited in September 2015 and awarded  Five out of Five

Brandon are very grateful for your generosity and hospitality.

Tobago had a wonderful vacation is a paradise , we're going to leave with nostalgia for beauty and a friend , but eager to return.

We wish you success in your projects.

Thanks for your time , simplicity and humility.

We love you.

Guest Report   

Lindon from Germany visited in May 2015 and awarded  Five out of Five

The owner Brandon is an intense dude, and during the first hour I spent there, I thought we might clash. I'm actually surprised that a week later I find myself writing that he may just be the most generous host I met in three years of traveling. Things he provided free of charge:

- A British couple had stayed there for three weeks, so for one their last nights, Brandon had a giant fish and lobster dinner prepared for everyone free of charge. He even invited guests to come back who had changed hotels to another part of the island.

- Brought us fresh cooked breakfast from the store one morning.

- Let me use his phone for several calls that definitely cost him

- Shared whatever he had, including a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black that is much more expensive on the island that elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I already know I am forgetting several other things. Nevertheless, he was always buying stuff or bringing stuff to give to his guests for free. You never see that these days with all the penny-pinching owners and managers. Brandon was different.

I also highly recommend this place for solo travelers. Brandon is always inviting people to go out and having events at his place. Also very helpful with ideas and what to do. If you like fishing, Brandon has a boat and seems to be auditioning for the Fishing Channeling, so you'll love him.

On the website, you will also see they have a discount room, like $27 or $28. I stayed there. Was very nice. Had a small kitchen in the separate living room. Was more like a mini-suite, believe it or not. Burner, dishes, coffee maker, etc. Private bathroom, hot water, etc. A/C. The whole works. Also stayed one night in another room. Everything seems brand new and top quality, like in a more expensive western hotel.

Two drawbacks. First, as a backpacker, I really hate when people charge for internet. He charges for the wifi password and about 3.40/hour to use the computer terminal, which is higher than at most internet cafes. I wish he would change this. That said, you pay for the hour, and he doesn't time you, so if you spend a few hours, I doubt he'll ask for more. Likewise, the second time I need to use it, I was short on cash, and Brandon said pay whatever.

The other drawback is that the location is not around a lot of stuff. There are beaches, but not the main beaches (though great if you want privacy). A few bars, but not the main bars from what I could tell. You will need to do some walking or rent a car. That said, I think the same situation will be true most anywhere you stay on the island outside Crown Point or Scarborough. Regardless of this, I was happy to stayed there and had a great time.

Guest Report   

Audrey from Canada visited in April 2015 and awarded  Five out of Five

Amazing Place to Stay

This is one of the best guest houses I've ever stayed at. It is quiet, friendly, extremely clean and safe. The owner Brandon is an absolute gem. From the moment we arrived he made sure everyone was comfortable, introduced us to the other guests and took us on a walk-about around town. The town of Buccoo itself is a diamond in the rough and I highly recommend this as a place to stay if you want to experience life with the locals, chickens, roosters, sheep, goats and fresh fruit every day and avoid the big all-inclusive resorts. We can't thank Brandon enough for making us feel so welcome and for making this one of the most memorable mini vacations yet

Guest Report   

Tracey M from Canada visited in February 2015 and awarded  One out of Five

This is what I posted on Tripadvisor. Horrible place and even worse owner!

I booked at Fish Tobago for a 6 night stay with another girlfriend for a vacation for the first week of February for a relaxing week in what looked to be a good value spot and not the usual places. However, my time at Fish left me quite appalled at the house and the owner.

While my friend and I arrived earlier than planned, Brandon did allow us to check in as the beds were free. And he did take us to the larger grocery store & ATM, as well as the purchase of a 'double' from a roadside stand, those were the only real positive points I could say.

The room's floor was covered in sand, and the girl that was in the room stated it had not been cleaned in a week. We ended up asking for the floors to be cleaned. There was no place to store your things, and even the clothesline only had 1 working pin.

The kitchen was beyond filthy, and I found a 2 inch cockroach on my bananas, as well as dead ones on some dishes. The light bulb in the kitchen was burnt out, we pointed this out, and nothing done. The sponges to clean your dishes smelled beyond gross, same for the tea towel for drying. We used our hands to wash dishes, and let them air dry. Brandon was at the house enough to see and smell the conditions. We even gave him the tea towel, and he threw it out. No replacement given.

We tried to book a tour with him for the Monday morning, and when we finally got to the dock, all he said was that the boat wasn't back. We'd have to go either in the afternoon or next day. The impression that my friend and I picked up was that he didn't want to take us at all. We asked about next day, and he said sure... but after talking, we decided not to go at all since we got such a bad energy from him in the morning. After that, Brandon was quite brusque with us, and my friend and I resolved to try to stay away.

On the Wednesday, we were told a pipe burst in the bathroom, and we had to leave. I didn't see evidence of this, no hole in the wall to confirm the pipe break, nor was a plumber on site. This was late afternoon - and Brandon gave me the envelope with money for my un-used nights for me and my friend. NO OFFER TO FIND ME NEW ACCOMODATION!!! Luckily, our taxi driver found my friend and I a place to stay, and another local gave me the number for another place. This was seriously concerning as it was late day, and the feeling was to get my stuff and get out.

Between the dirty conditions, the bad vibes we received, and being put out without another spot to go to, all I can say is stay away from this place. I felt my safety was at risk without any concern on his part. There are better spots in Tobago with incredible people that will help a person in need.

Guest Report   

Ann-Marie Sivertsson from Sweden visited in February 2015 and awarded  Four out of Five

I spent 6 nights in the dorm at Fish Tobago. Met a lot of nice guests and got the service I asked for by the host Brandon.

Can very well imagine that return here.

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