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Guest Report   

Jemma B from Trinidad visited in August 2011 and awarded  Four out of Five

The ambiance was great, which is relatively quiet and peaceful. It is situated away from the main road which makes it private. Its location is approximately five minutes away from the famous beach Store Bay which I happen to love as well as the airport. Now I mean five minutes walking distance, with you vehicle its going to be approximately two minutes away from the Arthur Robinson Airport.

The breakfast is great and the cook, oh, she is just amicable,you just name your dish and here it comes.

The rooms are kept clean at all times and the host is very friendly and accommodating. He addresses all concerns and acts swiftly to rectify any problems.

If you are looking for a time of peace and privacy, then Golden Thistle Hotel is the place to be. Not forgetting, relatively reasonable.

Guest Report   

Seeta from Trinidad visited in August 2011 and awarded  Four out of Five

Stayed with my family there. There were lots of birds and the cocricos used to knock on our windows every morning.The pool was relaxing but the 9.00pm cutoff could be looked into.Also, there were no matches,nor dishwashing liquid when we arrive in the night, so we could not make even a cup of tea.On the whole though, we had a good stay.

Guest Report   

Charlene Ruffin from U.S.A. visited in June 2011 and awarded  Five out of Five

My vacation started at approximately 4:30am that morning and when I arrived at The Golden Thistle at approximately 10pm, let's say I was not exactly in the best of spirits.

Michael, the hotel owner, warmly greeted me and immediately got me settled in for the night. After a good night's rest, I was again warmly greeted by Michael and Ms. Carmela, the hotel cook. I enjoyed a tasty and filling outdoor breakfast while being serenaded by the birds that filled the garden.

My room was spacious and had all of the ammenities that I needed for comfort. Most important, it was air conditioned. It had a full bathroom including a tub with both hot and cold water. The room was cleaned daily by two of the nicest ladies you could meet. They were attentive and detailed in their duties. It had a kitchen, not a kitchenette. A working gas stove, a large refrigerator and was stocked with basic cooking utensils. My room was located by the pool area. The pool was clean and well kept.

The hotel was just a short walk to not only the beach, but to shopping, and even the airport (I walked to the airport on my departure). The Golden Thistle is located just off a a main road and has not only nice fruit trees along the road, but a variety of flowers and greenery. I was accompanied by some of the local residents daily on my walks (dogs, chickens and sheep (I thought they were goats!!!).

Michael and his staff are top notch. They were helpful and kind and constantly asked me if I needed any help with anything. By my 3rd day, Ms. Carmela knew what I would be having for breakfast and even offered to teach me how to make "fry bake". I found this to be the "true Tobago experience".

Was this the Ritz-Carlton? Nope. The charm, warmth and hospitality that was offered to me could never be duplicated by a chain hotel. I had a wonderful time in Tobago and look forward to bringing my family to The Golden Thistle at Christmas.

Guest Report   

Trinichick from U.K. visited in June 2010 and awarded  One out of Five

This Hotel came highly recommended,but I was totally disapointed,the food/breakfast was tasteless,and to crown it all I for-got some of the local seasoning in the fridge and when I inquired about it I was told it was given to the house-keeper,now if a guess forgot something in the room surely it should be kept untill the owner made contact which

I did only to be told it was given away thats not on.In this case I will not be returning to that hotel nor am I going to recommend it to any one.And while I am on it the beds are terrible,I can go on but wont,to disapointed waste of money/holiday.

Guest Report   

D. Snagg from Trinidad visited in April 2010 and awarded  One out of Five

I was completed dissapointed with this hotel. i love tobago,I have stayed at a number of places in tobago before and my plan was to always try a new place on each successive vist.

firstly i was totally appauled at the size of the roon, it was ridiculous for the price they asked. i have no problems with a studio, but this was another story. There was no proper seating area, the two chairs that were there looked like the owner found them on the sid of the road and tried to 'bring them back to life'. We had all our meals on the bed, which by the way was located too close to the doorway. The bathroom was sooo small, as soon as you stepped in you bumped into the sink, i kid you not, apparently the bathroom was built for slim people, im 110lbs..??? i'm a bit on the short side so unfortunately for me, i could only see my forhead in the mirror, otherwise i had to tiptoe.(what in the world). oh did i mention, i had to contend with June Bugs flying into the roon through the kitchen window (the only means of private ventilation),maybe it was their season.

the kitchen window opened up to a red brick wall, so close you could stretch and touch it. (what a view right!)

The owner was anything but pleasant, he lumbered around always looking unpleasant. i vividly remember on two occassions greeting him and he did not answer, i had to wonder if he did not hear me. hardly, because he never initiated a greeting to me either. that made me feel really uncomfortable. thats bad huh!

Out of all the places i've stayed at in Tobago, for me i can honestly say, it was the worst. i definitely will not stay there again, nor will i recommended it to anyone, once i spend a certain amount of money, i expect a certain degree of value. i did not get that at this establishment. i was happy to leave that hotel.

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