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Guest Report   

Desiree from Trinidad visited in May 2016 and awarded  Four out of Five

I stayed here with a group of friends. The place has breath-taking views. We requested the top floor and that's what we got. Just be prepared to climb A LOT of steps, but once you get over that its worth it. The place has only about 3 apartments I believe, so we basically had the pool to ourselves, and there is no restrictions on pool hours, I loved that part. I would not mind staying here again.

Guest Report   

Dion Ellies from Trinidad visited in August 2013 and awarded  Five out of Five

Fresh off my 5 day stay at Hummingbird Heights, I must say it was overall a totally enjoyable stay in my sister isle Tobago.

Being the one who did the research and booking, I was totally relieved when the group voiced their total satisfaction with the choice. I also note I may be the first reviewer that stayed under the new management from May 2013.

Some pointers......Just about 5 minutes drive from the port. A leisurely 20-25 minute drive from Crown Point International Airport. Beautiful view of the port and Scarborough, where you can see the fast ferries coming in and out of berth. Many major historical sites and beaches range from 5-30 minutes away. Stove, fridge, microwave available. I do however suggest that you organize with a taxi or rental during your stay if you're not going with a car as movements will be a little easier. We stayed on the 3rd level (2nd from the top. There's a 'semi basement' at pool level, plus 3 floors after).

The stairs for the 3rd and 4th levels can be entertaining yes, but in no way take away from your stay. Well planned moves avoid excess use and you can always ask about the lower levels that would suit your comfort. But the view pays for itself!

The new owner is quite accommodating and easy to chat with, open to suggestions and accessible. Qualities I like since there is always room for improvement, and who better to get these points from than your guests? Also, he has already made improvements to the property and is on the way to having more done in the near future.

I will definitely return here whenever I visit, and do recommend it for a stay.

Guest Report   

Leeanna from Trinidad visited in August 2013 and awarded  One out of Five

I was promised a top floor with a balcony before i made the downpayment to the bank.And after many discussions with the owner before my arrival, i became very disappointed with my visit to Hummingbird Heights..when I arrived, the owner told me he got it mixed up and he DIDNT KNOW the top floors were all filled so I was placed at the bottom floor with no balcony, so from the onset i was upset.. the living room was soooo tiny and cramped, when i put on the tv, it made a loud continuous screeching sound which was so unbearable that I had to switch of the tv completely for the duration of my stay.. the lock of the door to the toilet/bath was broken so it had to remain open everytime i bathe or use the toilet!!!! and i really hated that the bathroom was clogged , EVERYTIME i took a shower, the water filled up like a pool!!! still more frustrations after all this>> there were bugs EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feverishly tried to get rid of them using bugspray and the broom, however they kept popping ALL OVER!!!! CONSTANTLY!!!! i tried to source where they were coming from, and i couldnt find their entry point, because the apartment is sealed off, so that was extremely uncanny and extremely unconfortable for me to be sweeping bugs from my luggage, yes from my luggage and kitchen and everywhere for the duration of my stay!!! the owner told me to use the dryer to spin dry my clothes..but that was a set up also becuz that wasnt working at all, and rain was falling so my clothes stayed wet outside for 2 days it was water logged and no lines for me to hang...the owner placed an air freshner but still that did not aid the smell within the the end of my stay, no one showed any courtesy or enquired about my stay.. the key was returned and the person just left..this was very unprofessional and presents a very bad image to this place...

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