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Guest Report   

Kimberly Wilson from Trinidad visited in July 2010 and awarded  One out of Five

Well what to say the workers were unpleasant the pool had a closing time and wasnt always clean. One of the worker's kept calling our apartment room asking us to keep him company and he could see us which was very unnerving the cable didnt work properly the water was either too hot or to cold in the showers. Sheets to sleep under air condition very inefficent you'll feel extremely cold, also the sheets were clearly dirty and had coral reel logo on its edges. The only good was the room was very big and its proximity to store bay and the supermarket was nice.

Guest Report   

Ann Marie Ransome from Canada visited in January 2010 and awarded  One out of Five

I have to agree with Ms Ann Marie Ramkissoon.......Jimmy's is a pig sty I stayed there with 3 friends in Janaury 2010 and was totally disappointed that I left half way through the vacation.........horrible place.

I was greeted by a big fat Indian woman who called herself the "boss", I understand her name was "Laila", she was the most unpleasant piggish hog I ever met.........she needs to get out of that line of business and go on a diet.

As for the rooms, as we walked in you got a pungent smell of curry in the room, the air conditions don't work, the draperies needed washing, there was no hot water and the sheets on the bed clearly needed some clorox to remove the blood stains........Never ever again would I even recommend such a place.

Guest Report   

Jessie Stuart from Trinidad visited in September 2009 and awarded  One out of Five

I stayed at Jimmyís for 2 nights 3 days. Firstly, we had to make a deposit when we booked, but when we arrived the admissions person (a lady..or should I say woman. She was nothing of like a lady) told us that we had to pay for the full stay upfront!!! Hmm..ok!!!

Now the apartment accommodated 7 persons, but the admissions person assured us that she would supply an extra bed for the 8th person which she never did.

Then...NO TOWELS! I brought extra towels for the beach, but had to use them at the resort. Which is not a resort, might I add, its more like a shelter.

NOW The POOL...oh my gosh!! Isnít one of the reasons you choose a place to stay with a pool is to have bathing/liming access by the pool.

Jimmy's pool is FENCED and opens at 8 am and closes at 9 pm!!! SERIOUSLY!

To top it all off the first night we realised that we were given sheets to cover with in the air conditioned bedrooms. SHEETS!! Anyone who sleeps in a/c knows that you'd freeze under sheets!! They're completely useless.

NOT to mention the obvious BLOOD STAINS on 2 sheets, which they refused to change for us. (They said they had no clean sheets and they werenít getting until 2 days later). Based on the lady's attitude I am assuming she just didnít want to change them. Then again which one is worst? In Fact does it even matter???

Point is - WE DIDNT GET CLEAN SHEETS! And because we paid upfront obviously it would have been no loss to them if we left.

SO THERE you have it! Jimmy's is a dump! Now off to another resort to test it out. Iíll let you know.

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Guest Report   

Jozanne Romany from Trinidad visited in August 2009 and awarded  Three out of Five


It's approximately a 5 minute walk to store Bay and unless you are walking with a lot of people, Don't walk to pigeon point beach.

It's a very comfortable place with air condition units in each bedroom. It's clean, well done jimmy's. However, i believe the place is making enough money to upgrade. The bathroom needs upgrading, NOT MUCH, just a little. In my room 7A, the shower was Either hot or cold not both. Cable needs to be sorted out. But those are just minor issues..


The pool should be clean at all times and should not be restricted according to times. 8a.m to 9p.m does not work. The pool needs to be open at all times.

I would, regardless the negatives, return to jimmy's for my nx vacation. 18 people were in my group and ALL 18 ENJOYED it and said they will go back. It's in the middle of everything.

My rating is a little disapointed to the fact of the pool but it's really neutral

Guest Report   

Us Ram from Trinidad visited in September 2008 and awarded  Three out of Five

The staff was a little unpleasant in terms of parking areas and one situation in which the air conditioning was malfunctioning, however the stay was peaceful and the apartment was cozy and comfortable.

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