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Naturalist Beach Resort   10 Mar 2010

Joanne Green from Ohio, USA

This is our 3rd. visit. Each time, we have seen improvements (new air conditioners, mattresses, interior paint, kitchen cupboards). Given the location, I think Ancel George's property gives one of the best values in Castara. He has now added a 2nd. floor to the main building, adding 3 new apartments. The design is such that it looks like it has always been there! We always stay in Kingfish, which is a large ground floor room with 2 beds, kitchenette, a/c, ceiling fan and private seaview porch. We love to sit on the porch & watch all the activity that is always present in this lively village. And Ancel is the perfect host -- very accomodating without being intrusive.

The Naturalist ... 2012 Update   15 Apr 2012

Paul Tallet from Yorkshire

I have lost count of the times I have come to the Naturalist ... 6 or 7 over 12 years.

Every time I come there is evidence of Ancle's commitment to improving the property and improving the facilities for guests.

Breakfasts are now included in the room price and coffee is on tap all day. Plus Wifi.

And ... An Ice machine!! (But don't ask Ancle how he acquired it ... that's a long story ... smile).

Air conditioning is now available in all rooms (although I don't need it).

And the property is still right on the beach ... yes folks, it hasn't moved. And don't forget that Castara is one of the most popular and beautiful locations in Tobago.

And apart from the very comfortable accommodation you have the most important feature of this unique place ... Ancle. He hasn't changed either ... always good fun, caring and a good friend of mine ... he will make all visitors feel secure.

The Naturalist now has many many returning guests each year ... as I said in my 2009 review, it is becoming an Institution, a very good business that has been developed slowly and organically over many years.

Look out for it on Facebook too :mrgreen:

If you are considering a visit to Tobago ... this is the place to be.

I am just waiting for Ancle to install his first Jacuzzi :mrgreen:


Newsflash   16 Jun 2013

Paul Tallet from Yorkshire

Ancle has installed a Power Shower in the Blue Marlin Suite and it's better than the showers at Coco Reef and my own power shower at home.


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The Naturalist ... 2013 Update   21 Jul 2013

Paul Tallet from Yorkshire

I no longer believe that anyone should view my posts about the Naturalist too seriously because I am biased, Ancle informs me that my last visit was my 9th visit, Ancle is more a good friend than a host and I would, of course, recommend the Naturalist to everyone ... but I will try to be as objective as possible ...

Ancle has increased the accommodation to 13 rooms ranging from small 1 bed rooms to a huge 3 bed (ensuite) apartment. It is a massive project that Ancle has taken on despite the recent slump in tourism.

In addition to this, Ancle has sorted out his water supply and, in the Blue Marlin, added a wonderful new power shower. The only problem is that it was so powerful that I had to duck underneath the blast of water to reach the controls to turn it off!!

Ancle is constantly looking for improvements and this attitude is extremely positive and I joked many times that he should add a hot-tub and a switch to turn the sea on and off on demand!

The only negative for Ancle has been the state of the road leading down to the Naturalist and he has been working hard to get the repairs done whilst dealing with the idiots at the THA and consequently my son and I were happy to take part in a news report that Glyn has kindly posted on this forum.

On this occasion, Ancle joined us on many of our trips and we had many enjoyable barbeques in the Blue Marlin when Ancle would bring the barbecue up, cook our catch of fish, enjoy his whisky and snooze on our sunbeds until the early hours of the morning ... Ancle added the 'fab-factor' to our holiday.

We were amazed that Ancle had never been to Buccoo Reef, stood in the Nylon Pool, been to No Man's Land, snorkelled around Englishman's Bay, Arnos Vale and Lovers Bay ... so he came on all our trips while his trusted and lovely daughter, Jodie, managed the business in our absence.

We also went on a very special trip to Trinidad that I will cover in another topic.

So ... in a nutshell, I sense it was Ancle that was shedding tears at the airport when we left.

Keep it up Ancle and look forward to lots more mischief at Christmas :mrgreen:

Regards ... more reviews to follow ...

Naturalist - 2015 Update   31 Jan 2015

Paul Tallet from Yorkshire

I think most of you know this is my home from home and Ancle George, the owner, is now more a friend than a host ... so, although I will mention some trivial disadvantages, this post is a little biased.

The Naturalist hasn't changed much since I last visited around this time last year but there are subtle differences here and there where Ancle has done some touching up and repairs.

It is important to understand that the accommodations, in particular the Blue Marlin, are right on the beach and consequently exposed to all the elements ... for instance you should always take trash bin liners to seal your suitcases in as, after 2 or 3 weeks, the zips can lock up due to the humidity and sea salt in the air ... so of course, Ancle does not invest in quality fittings as he knows that most materials such as wood probably needs replacing every several years.

If you are fussy about quality/luxury I would suggest Castara Retreats.

So sometimes the accommodation can look tired, especially in the Blue Marlin and I don't care ... I love the ambience of the Blue Marlin.

The newer rooms (i.e.; shark) are more upper class and more expensive and you would expect higher rates although I have to say that the most expensive Shark Suite is good value for 6 people sharing with it's 3 ensuite bedrooms.


This is an area where Ancle improves consistently every year:-

Daily room cleaning and change of bedclothes/towels

They even do your washing up

Laundry service - daily


Coffee 24 hours

Ice machine - 24 hours

Organising trips

Free WiFi - plus 2 PC's

Sunbeds for the beach

Tip - if you need ice, don't use the cooler. Just full up a carrier bag so it fits in the small freezer and you could have a good supply lasting days.

Beyond the call of duty

To emphasise the service, I became very ill with food poisoning and Ancle took it upon himself to take me to the hospital, get me admitted and he stayed there until I was rehydrated and discharged and then drove to a pharmacy to get the drugs I was prescribed. He lost more than a day and cancelled other commitments.

For this, I cannot thank Ancle enough ... I owe you one Ancle.

Any Disadvantages?

The only niggle is the WiFi ... due to the distance of the Blue Marlin from the router the WiFi goes on and off but this is not likely to apply to the other rooms that are closer to the router ... I know Ancle will solve this small problem.

Overall for the Blue Marlin ... comfortable, basic accommodation with outstanding aspects over Castara Bay and an incredible ambience that stays with you after you leave.

Alternatives ... if the rooms are all full, Ancle could refer you to other guesthouses but if you want to be right by the beach, Alibaba's Sea Breeze apartments in Heavenly Bay are a very good option.


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