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Guest Report   

Henry De Souza (julien) from Canada visited in March 2016 and awarded  One out of Five

We stayed at Restorations from March 24th to March 28th 2016 (checked out March 29th). The location and the house itself are excellent. However, the customer service is profoundly substandard.


There were a number of issues including: a) the house was very dirty (bathrooms, shower curtain, kitchen, floors etc) and required several hours of cleaning; b) the kitchen utensils were in poor shape (cups with chips, very old pots/pans, no toaster, kettle did not work); c) the bed in the master bedroom came apart and was unusable for the final night of our stay; d) two folding beds were provided, but the foam mattresses were so thin and worn out that the net effect was the equivalent of sleeping directly on the metal frames. These two folding beds were unusable.

Customer Service

In spite of the above shortcomings what can make a big difference is how the owner and/or manager responds to concerns. Sadly, this was the area of greatest disappointment. Examples of poor customer service included: a) with respect to the lack of cleanliness, the response (from the contact person for the Guest House) was that there was not enough time between guests leaving and new guests arriving to clean properly. In other words, the response was to blame the customer; b) with respect to the lack of toaster / working kettle, the response was to promise to bring replacements, but not follow through. In other words, the response was to ignore the customer; c) In response to the broken unusable bed they showed little or no concern or assumed any responsibility for the fact that the bed (room) could not be used for 1 night. Their approach was to challenge us to "prove" we did not sleep in that room. In other words, the customer service strategy was to insult the customer. They refused any form of refund for any of the above.

Photos of the broken bed

Guest Report   

Nester from U.S.A. visited in April 2011 and awarded  Four out of Five

I am very surprised to read these stories as I have stayed at this property every year during Easter for the past four years and have gone for carnival one year and have never had these experiences. Truth is the operator works otherwise, so sometimes you have to leave a message, but we have never had a problem or had payment amount changing on us. Once the A/C was not blowing cool and in about two hours she sent a repair man in the check it. Happened that someone had stuck something in it. I usually call and book in advance, make my downpayment once I arrive in T/dad and call the morning early or the night before to confirm what time I am arriving and how I will receive keys and make balance of payment. Tracy is usually very understanding and gives us deals once we book early. I truly enjoy staying at Restorations and am looking forward to going back for an after carnival trip this year. NBB, USA

Guest Report   

Jody Francois from Trinidad visited in October 2010 and awarded  One out of Five

We heard of Restorations from a good friend who went to spend a weekend their, but he warned us that the receptionist was unreliable and trying to outsmart the customers. He also said that the place was nice and i verified this by seeing some pictures by the pool, so we decided to go ahead and book the place. We began making reservations 1 month in advance to our stay. Our package was 15 adults and 2 kids which cost $3750.00,no refund, bu we were able to postpone our weekend for another.The receptionist "Tracy-Ann" said she wanted a down payment which was $1300.00 by a certain time which we did. Closer to our scheduled weekend we paid the remaining amount. To our surprise she told us that we would have to pay $275.00 extra, for what- she voiced that we heard the wrong info and the total was $4025.00. Just as we was about to pay the extra we decided to call to verify for the last time. To our surprise again she told us we would not be able to get the whole house of 8 bedrooms, but 4 bedrooms upstairs, for the same $4025.00. After we started to do some more querying, we she said that their was a man staying upstairs over 3 months now and she don't know when he leaving. After verbally quarreling over the phone she said that downstairs was occupied over 1 week now and their stay is 2 weeks (within our weekend) Boy we were angry, plus she wanted to raise the rent again to $4300.00 for no reason. We asked for a refund she said no refunds but she would find another place. Calling her for 2 days her calls went unanswered. We left voice mails threatening to find her and bring police to get our refund. She finally answered and sent back all our paid money. I finally found her place on the net, and thanks for the previous comments that I confirmed that she was a con-artist. And plus the info over the phone and on the net is not the same. Ms Tracy-Ann don't you realize that the only person you outsmarting is yourself and you loose customers by doing this. She tried to make $$$$ on our head but you will loose more, I promise you.

Guest Report   

Nishi Bissoon from Trinidad visited in October 2009 and awarded  One out of Five

I called and made a booking for a Three (3) day stay, they did not have a Link machine so i had to deposite cash into their account, when we got there we tried to call to get directions we got no answer so we were driving around for a half hour before she called back and gave us directions. Our checkin time was 2pm but i told her we needed just to drop our stuff before hand, the place was locked and an hr later they sent someone to CLEAN THE PLACE. We actually checked in at 3pm when we got there we did notice work going on at the swimming pool but did not realized what was going on until the following morning we got up to a Jack Hammer in our head, so NO REST. When we tried to cook to our greatest suprise there was not a POT in site to cook with, we made do with what was avaiable. Due to rain we were at home when some men came to repair the aircondition units which we were NOT even made aware off, we brushed all this aside until the following when we had to leave and we ASKED the work men if they were expecting anyone, we were shocked to learn that the aircondition men were going to be there so without a key to lock our bedroom door we had to seek other means to secure our belongings. Which for me was the last straw, when we checked out the following day i lift the kep with one off their tenants and left, Ms. Tracey-Ann Anthony decided to finally call for her keys and i told her about the way she deceived us the best excuse she could have come up with is "I did not know the work was going to be that long".

My advice to you all who out there is DO NOT VENTURE you will not be please and your pressure will sure to hit the ROOF.

Guest Report   

Alisha Edwards from Trinidad visited in August 2008 and awarded  Two out of Five

Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........where do i start, the place was nice great location close to the beaches, clubs an sotrs,the only problem was when we arrived in tobago, calling her phone she took very long to call use back, only good was that we knew where the place was, when we got there we had to wait for her in the HOT sun for ah good while. On our last day there we had to clear out one of our apartments too early in the morning for the house keeper to clean for someone else to rent it out, when we already gave her a specific time way in advance, so we all had to gather in one apartment, and ontop of it, the house keeper was very rude.

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