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Suzie from U.K. visited in April 2012 and awarded  Five out of Five

Seascape is a fantastic apartment in an unbeatable location. Great views , lovely bedrooms and bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. With a 5 year-old and a baby learning to crawl we were well-provided with a cot and high chair and had no worries over containing the kids safely from balconies etc. A toddler or child prone to climbing would be more of a challenge as the stairs to the top floor are easily accessible and open at the side. Steep steps up to the apartment from the road are worth the climb to stay at such a vantage point. Not pram-friendly - take a sling.

David the owner and Rolling the local contact were very friendly and helpful throughout. Wish we could have stayed longer and definitely plan to return.

Guest Report   

Anita Rosato from U.K. visited in April 2012 and awarded  Two out of Five

Our stay in Castara was really wonderful and we had the opportunity to stay in four different places with in Castara. I am loathed to make any criticisms what so ever as the owners were very professional with our booking and Rollin and his wife were kind and helpful on our arrival – dropping off fruit on the evening of our arrival and providing our son with a boogie board to mess around in the sea with.

Generally, however these are comments with my critical eye switched on, as with every thing in this wonderful little village, one has to be prepared and go with the flow in order to fully enjoy the sleepy ways and this we undoubtedly did.

I had very high hopes for Seascape but found it a very slight let down for the following reasons – some of which I think could be easily addressed and would make all the difference:

The approach, from the rear of the building is like a building site – clearly at some point in the future one would assume another apartment will be constructed as the approach is a mess, with the mind that is full of paradise type expectations it is such a shame that the opportunity of a welcoming path beautifully lit with lovely planting (such as with the neighbouring Beach House) was not instead considered with the view the area beneath the apartments cleaned up and/or screened off.

We took the big apartment – unfortunately it had the small veranda only just about squeezes 2 chairs – (the apartment is big enough for 4) we were a little envious of our neighbours who were only two sitting out each evening on their ample veranda below. On the lower level the shutters will open up but still not quite making up for the lack of veranda.

Another slight let down for us was the mosquito nets – we had been spoilt by the four poster type nets where the net doesn’t touch the bed or the body – by far the better of the two types.

Upstairs shower had little power with intermittent flow, whereas downstairs the power of the water was so strong that the water hit the body like needles!

The docking station for the i-pod I fear may have suffered the worst from the salty air – we couldn’t get it to work.

The location is brilliant – easy access for able bodied to the Little bay and Boat house (although even our neighbour with a broken hip slowly made the stairs and the path back!)

In this location the Wednesday night drumming, dinner and limbo at the Boat House is an absolute must, although if like us you are so tired the first week – you wont care – for us all the noises – cockrels, dogs, wild sea, birds, music – these were part of the very magic that contributed to a place we would not hesitate to recommend for those who are inclined to want a rustic tree-house type experience. Castara is not a resort type location but that is what makes it special.

Guest Report   

Peter Walker from U.K. visited in April 2012 and awarded  Five out of Five

We stayed in the Seascape apartments at Castara and can highly recommend both. Castara is a beautiful place with a friendly relaxed feel. The drive there is a little slow and windy but well worth the effort as every contour yields a fantastic view. You are also close to untrammeled beaches and beautiful rainforest. The Seascape apartments are very comfortable with a spectacular view over the beach and facing the sunset. You can walk to all amenities so a car is not strictly necessary for the village but handy if you want to explore further afield. You can hire a car for a day or so from Castara if you don’t get one from the airport/port on arrival. There is also a local bus service. There is good snorkeling off the point in front of the apartments and well-marked rain forest trails about 30 mins drive away at Gilpin Trace. If you are planning to self cater then stock up before you arrive as there is limited grocery shopping available in Castara - although you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables in the village. Makes sure you pre order bread from the ladies at the local outdoor oven on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Guest Report   

Ian Tosh from U.K. visited in April 2012 and awarded  Five out of Five

Stayed for 5 weeks between 21st March and 4th May. Wave Song is an excellent, well-equipped 1 bed appartment. it is well maintained and thoroughly serviced by Rolling and Lavorne. The view of the bay is second to none. I would advise against booking this as I want it to be available for our return :-)

Guest Report   

Richard Baldwin from Canada visited in March 2012 and awarded  Four out of Five

My wife and I stayed at Seascape in Castara for March Break. Upon arrival it was as expected, other than the woodwork has now been stripped of any finish lacquer from the sea air over the past few years, so it wont look quite as "polished" as the website photos show on the day of completion. The view was remarkable, in my opinion the best view in Castara, we could see people walking on the beach below looking up and pointing as if to say "Oh it would be nice to stay there!". There is a steep path to the cabin but it is not a long hike and as long as you don't have any serious mobility problems you should be able to make it up and down without too much trouble. There were a few things I felt could have been improved upon as far as amenities. For example, we were provided only 2 rolls of toilet paper for the week, a microwave would have made heating up leftovers much easier, no teapot, the blender didn't work, nor did the cell phone we had been provided. The shower head was almost completely clogged from hard water deposits and similar issues which simply showed that the owner, although quite hospitable, was definitely not around enough to ensure such supply and maintenance of the property.

Perhaps these are minor issues, but it is what held me back from giving the accommodation a perfect score.

There needs to be something said about the ambiance of Castara as well, as it is very much a part of your stay at seascape. Steve's review mentions an amusing reference to a "cacophony" of barking dogs and crowing roosters in the early morning, as well as a warning about the Wednesday night party at the boathouse bar and restaurant which can go until about 12-1. These we prepared for and were expecting, but what was not expected was the "late night lime" put on by the clay kitchen on Friday night located directly next door, which starts at around 8pm with a near deafening volume of soca music which DOES NOT STOP until 4AM.

Remember, none of the buildings are sealed or have glass windows, there is no way to block this sonic assault whilst you try to sleep. The part that bothered us the most about it is there was nobody there until after 12 midnight, but the stereo loud enough to cause a landslide carried on regardless. I have no issue with soca music being played at respectable hours but this was a serious downfall to our stay and completly destroyed an entire nights sleep on the last night before the voyage home. All I can recommend is to plan your trip to be LEAVING on Friday unless you are interested in taking part in this or are able to sleep through a bomb blast.

The locals are friendly and helpful to any needs you may want. Anything from climbing a tree to get you a coconut to taking you out for a personally guided snorkel swim. I was disappointed to see that nobody would tip them for these fine skills and I can see why they get a bit "lazy" when being requested for such favors. A few dollars goes a long way to making their day and bringing out those bright smiles. I do hope that some of you more "frugal" minded guests will keep that in mind.

Explore its variety of restaurants, but bring your own food too for in between. Be prepared for a lot of curried chicken or fish. Plan to party and have supper at the boathouse on Wednesday for sure, it will make your stay that much more full.

Snorkeling is unsurpassed. Parrot fish, stingrays, schools of colorful fish swimming around you is something you have to experience.

Please do not take my comments on some of the negative aspects to mean I did not enjoy my stay in Castara. My reviews will always be very blunt, and unbiased. This place is about as "Tobago" as you can get and if you want to really be a part of this island and it's culture while still feeling secure with a few other tourists around, then this is the place to be.

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