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Sherwood Park Apartments   

Hans, Amsterdam

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 08 March

Has anyone recently stayed in the Sherwood Park apartments?

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Sherwood Park, Carnbee, Tobago Tested By Htc Travel   

HTC Travel

This complex is tested by HTC Travel, a Dutch Travel company

Sherwood Park was the best accommodation I have experienced in quite a long time. The staff who runs this beautiful complex with tropical gardens took personal responsibility for my girlfriend and I for having a fabulous and adventurous vacation. They arranged the best tours for us on Tobago.

I very highly recommend this lovely park to anyone travelling in Tobago. It is a relatively new place and it deserves all the guests it can get.

If you are searching for a romantical, adventurous, cultural and sunny (29C) holiday you have to visit Tobago and stay in the Sherwood Park Apartments.

For more information check it at

HTC Travel

Giovanni Verhaert


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Sherwood Park Apartments / Cuffie River Hotel/ Wedding   


Hello All:

[Editor's Note: The author of the following report appears to have removed the photos from the website concerned, so links to the photographs mentioned have been removed from the post.]



I recently got married in Tobago and spent most of my time at Sherwood park apts with about a dozen or so of my family. We wanted a small, self service facility without too many distractions so we could get to know each other. Sherwood was perfect. The rooms were, well, roomy. :wink: with a well stocked kitchenette (fridge, hobbs, dishes, pots etc). Even the fridge had some staples in it when we arrived and let me tell you, after 36hrs of cancellations, delays, missed flights and lost luggage, this small act of thoughtfulness was well appreciated. My group booked 5 of the 10 rooms here and we owned the place!

The location was perfect for our purposes. It is in carnbee, away from the hubbub of crownpoint, but close enough to drive over to get something to eat. There is a dinner service at sherwood, but we never made use of it. We did have a barbeque one night (they provide the bar-b-que, we provide the meat).

In case you're wondering, that blur in the first picture is my Mother moving at supersonic speed in the background. :lol:

The manager, Nigel, was extremely helpful, and pointed out some spots of interest to us such as "Shore Things" in Lambeau. Great place by the way and LOADS cheaper than that store near pizza boys in crown point. . .can't remember the name. Some merchandise is identical, so shop around first. Besides, you can get a tasty little drink or dessert at shore things in their cafe which is quite pretty.

There is also an art studio located in carnbee near "KADDS" grocery store. Follow the signs, you can't miss it. Local art by local artists. Plus some resin formed sculptures of local buildings and things. The sign doesn't do the place justice. I almost bypassed it entirely.

Ok. . I'm getting off topic here. The rooms are cleaned every day and the staff is very friendly. They also have a car service (Andy) affiliated with the hotel. We rented 3 cars in total, all fully insured and we never had a problem. I would recommend them. All in all, the place was exactly what we wanted. Far enough away that we had our peace and quiet when we wanted it, close enough to get to Scarborough or Crownpoint. The size was perfect, since we felt as though we owned the place and had that wonderful pool to ourselves. The grounds were well landscaped and added to the ambiance. The price is extremely reasonable and I definitely got my money's worth. If I ever go to Tobago again, this is where I will stay.


The actual wedding was held at Cuffie River Eco Lodge. It is located a little ways inland, away from other places so you will need a car to get anywhere.

Nice place. Especially if you want be "one with nature". Since this was my honeymoon, obviously I had other things on my mind ! :oops: :lol:

There are lots of places on this huge property to get married if you wanted an unusual setting. We chose their onsite, open air building.

One of the owners, Regina Sanchez, organized everything for the wedding. Flowers, photographer, Cake, Music, Minister and food. Oh, the food. . . the food was WONDERFUL!! I cannot begin to express how good the food the was. Not just the wedding meal (which was amazing) but the regular meals provided to the guests. As an aside, if you ever have the opportunity to have their cream of callaloo soup. . . -->=D> oh yeah. . .and if you ever go to "Cafe Coco", please don't. Blech. The Cafe Coco is beautiful, but the food is awful. I had the same soup and wished I hadn't. I can't say anything good about the rest of the food either. It was our only bad food experience. Off topic again, aren't I? Sorry.

Lots of birds, hiking trails and so on at Cuffie. My husband and I went on a hike (trying desperately to make some room for the next meal) and I picked him his first fresh mango off a tree. It was very good. If you are interested in birds, Regina's husband Anthony, or one of the employees, Desmond can give informative tours etc. As I said before, my brand new husband and I had other things on our mind, so we did not make use of all the tours etc offered.


As mentioned before, Regina organized the wedding details. I'll post some details below, but if you want to know who to get in contact with about anything here, you will need to contact Regina at Cuffie River. I know there is a separate wedding topic, but I'll let S.W. sort it all out.

Sponge on top, chocolate under, iced shells to decorate. Moist, delicious and divine. Well worth the money.

I can't believe I never asked them what their name was. But they played beautifully. The wedding march was soft and subtle and when it was time to party, they PARTIED! Heck, they seemed to be having a better time than us! Wonderful steel pan . . .

Non denominational. Easy going, appropriate. Really good guy, with a down to earth attitude and tailored his sermon to reflect what we wanted.

Cream of callaloo soup, fried flying fish, barbque baked chicken, vegetable rice medley, provision, salad, homemade icecream. . . drooool. . .

For the price, he was well worth it. Plus we got our negatives. There were a couple things I wished he would have done differently, such as telling me to adjust my dress or hair etc , but as I said before, for the price we paid, I really can't complain. Besides, we got some great pictures.

[size=Other things to

*There is a cyber cafe at the foot of Sherwood park trace that is $10tt per half hour. WHich is cheaper than at the laudrymart.

*There is a penny saver withing walking distance of sherwood park (10-15min), although the hill is a killer.

*Miss Jemmas is a MUST.

*The chinese food was reasonably priced and I enjoyed it. Not gourmet by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd buy it again.

*Fort Grange is pretty, but so is most of Tobago.

*Englishman's bay was nice, but I really enjoyed Pirate's Bay. I talked to a local fisherman, I think his name was Bertnie. For $10TT per person, he took all 9 of us in his boat to the bay and back. BEAUTIFUL! The water was so clear, and the bottom so clean, it was like a cool, green, salty swimming pool.

*I have nothing good to say about the food at Cafe coco, but it it very pretty.

*Pelican Reef Inn had good steak. I wouldn't buy the shrimp again though.

Well, I think that is about it. Hope you found some of this helpful. I hope all of you who go to Tobago, had at least a good a time as I did, and I had a wonderful time!

Sherwood Park Apartments   

M Doolan

My partner and I recently spent 2 weeks here. We were met at the airport by Nigel. On arrival at the apartment we had essentials like bread, o/juice, eggs, butter, etc., waiting for us in the fridge - a nice touch! The apartments are set in their own tropical garden and are large and spacious and equipped with everything you need. The supermarket is a 10-15 minute walk away although Nigel supplies a grocery delivery service for a small charge which is invaluable! - especially if you have been at the beach all day enjoying the most of the sunshine. Nigel and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble. They provide information about everything and they have a team of regular taxi drivers who charge a set fee to take you virtually anywhere you want to go. 'Too Sweet' is a diamond! We found the seclusion of the aparments ideal although they may prove too quiet for some. It was great sitting on the balcony of an evening drinking a bottle of wine and watching the birds fly over - even spotted an owl a couple of times! The apartments are cleaned daily to a high standard. We were the only English couple in the apartments but we didn't feel out of place - in fact we quite enjoyed it. I hate to say it but during the day at Pigeon point we heard a lot of English people in the bar moaning and groaning about everything and swearing like troopers and we were actually quite pleased we were the only english couple at our apartments. We met a lovely dutch couple and had a couple of great nights out with them. Tobago is a beautiful island and virtually everything grows on trees - almonds, cashews, mangos, guavas, cherries, plums, bananas, coconuts (the green ones are lovely!), and on it goes! Oh the milk shakes from JJ's at Pigeon Point are also superb! With Nigel and the staff and taxi drivers being so helpful we were able to experience several very personal tours and experienced things that some holidaymakers wouldn't even know about. For example our taxi driver 'Too Sweet' told us about a steel drum competition in Scarboro' one night which was actually the heats for the Panorama Competion in Trinidad and what a night we had! We were two out of about six tourists that night and really experienced local life. In fact a couple of locals took us clubbing afterwards and they really looked after us - we danced the night away. I could go on forever about our experiences but you really have to go there and experience it for yourself. I previously worked on cruise ships for five years and have travelled the world extensively. I think Tobago may have just cured me - I have no desire to experience any more new places - Tobago really is paradise and we will definitely be returning to Sherwood Park Next Year. Probably for our honeymoon, since Gary asked me to marry him whilst we were there - he obviously loved it too!

Maggie and Gary

Dover, Kent, September 2003

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Comments To Sherwood Park Appartments   13 Jan 2004

Ulrich from Berlin, Germany

One day back from a four-weeks stay in the Sherwood Park Appartments following you can find our comments:

If you are used to have and also like an all-inclusive holiday – forget about Sherwood Park.

If you want to have the beach in front of your sleeping room, the rainforest besides your bathroom, restaurants and bars when you open the door – forget about Sherwood Park.

But if you are looking for:

- reasonable price for what you get

- enough space in your appartment

- a choice between rooms with or without air-condition

- very clean rooms made-up with new towels every day, new bed-linen every three days

- a small kitchen to prepare breakfast and simple meals, no high-class equipment but enough for a holiday

- balcony each room, first floor rooms without air-con but with sea-view

- a large swimming-pool with enough chairs

- a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere (ten appartments only)

- a manager (Nigel) who takes care for every wish you have

- a friendly staff, all times friendly and helpful

- beaches, super-market, restaurants to be reached by car in fifteen minutes

- a feeling to be at home

then you should stay at Sherwood Park Appartments.

You need a car (as nearly everywhere on the island if you want to see something of Tobago), but this will be organized by Nigel or member of staff Andie, who beside his job at Sherwood Park has a small car-rentals agency, offering new cars for very good prices.

As there is a rather constant breeze (house situated on top of a hill) you even don´t need the air-con. Just open windows and doors, enjoy the feeling of the soft and silky air, touching your skin when laying in bed, seeing the sky and the stars (sometimes visted by a mosquito – baby-oil mixed with Citronella helps).

For us it has been a wonderful time there and from here we say thank you again to all of Sherwood Park Appartments.

Special thanks to Nigel and his wife Vicky, preparing a wonderful barbecue

for us and our guests, having my 50th birthday-party last week.

P.S. Steve - your beer is waiting. If not in your fridge, please ask Nigel or Marvin.

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