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Good To Be Back   

Toine & Lia

It almost 5.00 pm in Holland. It rains and itís cold. I feel miserable due to the weather, too much work and too little sleep. Surfing over the mytobago site gets my mood in a better state. Looking at pictures of the pool at Sherwood park, my mind wanders off and I see myself laying in a beach chair at the pool, my eyes closed, cool drink in my hand and just listening to the sound of the birds.....

Just a few weeks more and my dream will be reality. The seats are booked, the suite at Sherwood Park is booked.

Why Sherwood Park again??? Stay there and youíll know!

Lia and I are really looking forward to meet Andy, Marvin, Nigel and the rest of the staff, again. Last time we stayed at Sherwood Park, Lia was pregnant and got all the help in the world from the Sherwood staff. This time we would like to show them our little boy Sam. He will be 5 months old when we arrive. We are absolutely sure he will have a wonderful time. Why we know that for sure, is due to the fact that one of the owners of Sherwood Park, Fred Abbink, took personal care of all our questions about staying in Tobago with a baby and about the facilities at Sherwood. Fred even told us that whatever we need to accommodate Sam, Sherwood Park would provide. Try find that in a bigger organization.

So, all you lovely people at Sherwood Park, see you soon........


Toine, Lia and Sam

Coudn't Be Better!!!!!   

Toine & Lia

It feels like already decades ago that we left Tobago. We left on the 26th of April after spending a couple of wonderful weeks at Sherwood Park. Since this was our third visit to Tobago and the second at Sherwood, we knew what we could aspect. But as time goes by between our visit in 2004 and the last one, your memories get a bit cloudy. Our memory is refreshed now: the colours, the smells, the warmth, the tastes and the kindness of the people. Itís all stored again. Right in front.

We really enjoyed our stay. Like the first time we visited Sherwood Park we were, again, overwhelmed with the care of the Sherwood staff. We travelled with our six months old son Sam, who was right away adopted by the staff. They gave us opportunity to go out just the two of us, by baby sitting for a couple of hours. The nursed him, cuddled him and got paid back with lots of big smiles of our little fellow.

We stayed in one of the suites on the first floor. It was spacious and suited fine to share with a baby. Who needs air conditioning while there Ďs a constant refreshing wind blowing? We didnít. The fans in the room did the work. Sleeping with open doors, waking up with a view at the sunrise . What else can you ask for?

Before we arrived Nigel already arranged all the stuff we needed to accommodate Sam. Just as planned. It couldnít be better.

Andy provided a car, like last year, with a baby seat. Ready to move around the minute we arrived. Marvin...kept up the good work like always. Taking care of the small needs like medicine, the barbecue, taxis and all.

This time we spent a lot of time around the swimming pool while Sam was taking a nap. After sleeping, Sam loved to float around the pool in his floating device before we took off to other places. So by being there a lot, we found out that life in the garden and around the Sherwood pool isnít punishment. In fact, itís wonderful, enjoying the birds, butterflies and the smell of nature.

In all, we loved it last year. We even loved it more this year. So, all you nice people at Sherwood Park. See you again next year. Because weíll be back to enjoy Sherwood and the rest of Tobago once more.

Love you all,

Toine, Lia and Sam van Ierland

The Netherlands

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Third Time Sherwood-park, A Nice Place To Be!   23 May 2005

Sjaak En Marieke from Heemskerk

We will visit Tobago for the third time, we go in September and cannot wait to

visit Tobago and enjoy the rides on the mountain bikes. This is a different and nice way to see Tobago. Just like the times before we will stay on Sherwood-Park, we like this accommodation very much. It is a nice and quite place not far away from the most beautiful beaches and great restaurants. The accommodation has a beautiful garden and a nice swimming pool , Nigel and his staff are very helpful when you need information or help for booking anything you want. We hope that he will ride a few times with us this year, I will bring my bike with me so we can have a lot of fun. Nigel we will see you 1 September at the airport. If you want to see how beautiful it is to bike Tobago look at this site; and klik on Tobago. :wink:

Thank You All.   13 Aug 2005

Neil Roberts from Leatherhead, Surrey.

Just a note to say what an excellent stay we had at the Sherwood Park Apartments recently as part of a three week stay in Tobago. We had chosen S.P. for our first week and simply couldn't fault the place. The apartments aren't new but are really well maintained, kept spotlessly clean and staffed by as nice a group of people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Indeed, when the accommodation for our third week turned out to be truly average, we were delighted to find that S.P. had some empty rooms and we moved back to finish our holiday back with them. Thank you all for an excellent holiday. Neil Roberts.

Third Time Tobago, It Was Great   11 Nov 2005

Sjaak En Marieke from Heemskerk

Its a few weeks ago that we visit Tobago for the third time, the pictures are on our site now and while you doing that you seen again how beautiful Tobago is. We enjoy our stay on Sherwood-Park again, itís such a nice place to stay. Nigel and his staff are still doing a great job for there visitors and keep it in a good condition, if you need ore want to know something the cane help you anytime. Our bike trips with Mountain Biking Tobago with Sean our guide

were great, Sean you did a great job, especially the trail to hillsborough dam was nice this was certainly not the last time we ride on Tobago together. Because we rented a car this we were independent so that we could discover Tobago on our on, Steve we enjoy all the information that we have found on Especially the large number of your favorite restaurants, we visit a lot of them, thanks.

Visit our Website,greatings

Sjaak en Marieke.

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