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Our Tobago beach guide shows every major bay or beach, listed in clockwise direction around the island. Hold your mouse over the bay to identify it and click for detailed information.

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This section of our bay and beach listings covers five miles of coastline (straight-line measurement) between Buccoo and Arnos Vale. Very few accommodation properties will be within walking distance of more than one beach, so a self-driven rental vehicle is pretty essential.

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RSR Buccoo Bay

A long narrow white-sand beach protected by famous Buccoo Reef. The beach becomes very narrow at high tide. A small beach bar and toilet facilities are available adjacent to the fishing co-operative. The swimming is good and the beach invariably deserted. Do not leave valuables on the beach while swimming. There have been one or two incidents of young thieves hiding in the dense mangrove and scrubland that borders the beach then making off with items while visitors are swimming.

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Buccoo Beach

RSR Grange Beach

Known locally as The Wall, this beach is just past the Mount Irvine Golf Course. Grange Beach is ideal for swimming and an increasingly popular spot with surfers.

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Grange Beach

RSR Mount Irvine Bay

Also known as Little Courland Bay, the ½-mile (800m) beach of this bay is split into two sections with a narrow section that can disappear at high tide linking the two. The first section is referred to as the 'hotel beach' being opposite the Mt.Irvine Beach Hotel. This section provides excellent swimming and sunbathing. The next section of the beach, a little further north, is either side of the Mount Irvine Beach Facilities. There are changing and toilet facilities at this end, but the swimming is not so good. Most of the island's sailing tours start from this beach. The beach is popular with surfers from December to March and can become crowded (by Tobago standards).

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Mount Irvine Bay Beach (Hotel section)

RSR Back Bay

A small, quiet secluded beach with good bodysurfing waves. Access to the beach involves a bit of a scramble down the cliffs. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches on Tobago, but due to the isolated nature of the beach, its best to go in a group. In fact, following a robbery in March 2010, we must sadly reinstate our earlier warnings and advice suggesting that tourists should NOT go to this beach. Access is via a dirt track, directly opposite Gleneagles Drive, about 400 metres after the Mount Irvine Beach Facilities. Bear left at the fork in the track. At the end there are some rough-hewn steps down to the beach.

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Back Bay

RSR Stonehaven Bay

Grafton Beach is an attractive coarse sand beach serviced by Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort and the Grafton Beach Resort. The waves can be very powerful here and you are advised to stay close to the shore to avoid dangerous currents. The right side of the beach (north) can be the calmest and offers reasonable snorkelling. Stonehaven beach (a.k.a. Stone Haven) is one of the three beaches in Tobago where the endangered giant Leatherback turtle comes ashore between March and June to lay their eggs which will hatch around three months later.

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Grafton Beach

RSR Great Courland Bay

Any of the side streets in Black Rock Village will take you down to the southern end of Great Courland Bay's beaches. The section in the centre is very scrappy but there are some calm sections in what is otherwise a fairly exposed section of coast. The northern end of Great Courland Bay is one of Tobago's most famous beaches so deserves an entry of its own, so...

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Pigeon Point

RSR Turtle Beach

Still in Great Courland Bay, famous Turtle Beach is a mile-long sandy, sloping beach famous as a nesting site for giant leatherback turtles (March-August). Services are available at the Turtle Beach Hotel, which dominates the beach.

You should be careful of the beggars and hawkers on this public beach - especially people who start rubbing you down with the aloe vera leaf and then charge you for the pleasure. A strong, but polite, "NO" is enough to stop them - otherwise, a word with security at the hotel normally does the trick.

Guest at the hotel can benefit from regular turtle viewings. A turtle watch is organised by the hotel, during the nesting season. As soon as hotel security staff spot a turtle, or the two-month old hatchlings, they hotel will alert guests on the turtle watch list so that they can view this wonderful site. Readers who would like more information about the Leatherbacks should have a look at

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Turtle Beach
Giant Leatherback Turtle

RSR Plymouth

There are two bays with three small beaches just north of Plymouth village. These beaches are nearly always deserted and only used by locals. Finding access to them is not easy, but basically from the old track that leads to Arnos Vale. The illustrated Plymouth bays is known as Back Bay, but this should not be confused with the Back Bay between Mt.Irvine Bay and Stonehaven Bay.

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Back Bay, Plymouth

RSR Arnos Vale

A relatively small beach in the grounds of the now-closed Arnos Vale Hotel. There is public access via a small track though the woods, to the left of the hotel entrance. The swimming is normally good at Arnos Vale beach and the snorkelling recognised as arguably the best on the island. Sadly, since the hotel closed the beach is unpatrolled and generally deserted. A number of tourists have been robbed, with threats of violence, while making their way to the beach. We can no longer recommend this beach, except to larger parties.

The Mot Mot Trail is an un-surfaced track (the original coast road) along the coast between Arnos Vale and Culloden. This is a beautiful walk for anyone staying in the area. There are a number of hidden coves and beaches which can be accessed from the trail.

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Pigeon Point

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