Beaches & Bays: Region 3 - Upper Caribbean

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The coastline between Arnos Vale (Region 2) and Bloody Bay covers some 10 miles straight-line; probably a 45-minute drive 15 mile drive by road. Other than at Castara, there is little in the way of accommodation, restaurants or other facilities along this beautiful stretch of coast.

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RSR Anse Fromager

A rocky stretch of coast with limited possibilities. Access is down steep cliffs from the Mot Mot Trail.

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Anse Fromager

RSR Culloden Bay

A small rocky bay and beach with an unspoilt reef that is ideal for snorkelling. Follow the signs for the Footprints Eco Resort, but drive past the hotel entrance. Culloden Bay is also home to two smaller bays, Washerwoman's Bay and Little Bay.

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Culloden Bay

RSR King Peter's Bay

A deserted calm bay with a dark sand beach. Good for snorkelling. The beach has been spoilt in recent years by sad inconsiderate tourists who have left behind their picnic leftovers and drink bottles. Please always take your rubbish back to your hotel or villa.

In recent years, we understand that there have been several incidents of visitors being intimidated and robbed while visiting this beach.

Access to King Peter's Bay is via a 3-mile steep, narrow badly-deteriorating track. There are no passing points. If you meet another vehicle, one of you will have to reverse a considerably distance over dangerous and difficult terrain.

All things considered, we strongly recommend giving this beach a miss.

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King Peter's Bay

RSR Gordon Bay & Celery Bay

Highly recommended, Celery Beach is better known as Cotton Bay. It is accessible by track, or by boat from Castara (or Bloody Bay). It is a favourite destination for 'deserted' beach picnics and doesn't suffer the litter problems of some other beaches, due largely to the sensible 'no litter' policy of the boat operators (Cocomotion, Splash, King David & Woody's) who use it on a regular basis. The same inlet to the Cuffie River is also home to smaller Gordon Bay.

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Celery Beach

RSR Castara Bay

Castara has two beautiful golden sand beaches (2.4km), both great for swimming. Big Bay is the focus of the village. A visit first thing in the morning could have you helping the fisherman pull in their nets. A late afternoon stroll will reward you with fantastic views of the sun setting over the Caribbean. Little Bay, which is also known as Heavenly Bay, is more secluded and great for snorkelling - you may even be lucky enough to see a manta ray.

Views are spectacular from every hillside around the village and there is a waterfall within easy reach of the village, where you can also have a swim. Luckily, development is slow in Castara but the guest apartments and self contained guest houses are of a good standard and often have great views of the sea. Castara is a useful place to stop for lunch when touring the Leeward coast. Emerald Bay is a small secluded bay just off Castara main bay.

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Castara Bay
Castara Little Bay

RSR Little Englishman's Bay

Access is not easy, but Little Englishman's Bay offers good bathing and quiet seclusion.

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RSR Englishman's Bay

Hidden from the road, this spectacular ½-mile (800m) beach with powdery light sand leads to the deep, calm water of a sheltered bay and one of the loveliest beaches and decent snorkelling.

There is a small cafe, Eula's Restaurant, on the beach. The restaurant has been built illegally on THA land and despite eviction notices, remains in operation. The cafe is owned and run by a family with many criminal convictions. In fact twin sons of the woman are alleged to be responsible for most crime against tourists along the Caribbean coast. So, why is the cafe still there and the boys free? You might well ask. Incompetence and corruption rule the roost in Tobago.

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Englishman's Bay

RSR Parlatuvier Bay

A perfect beach, although it shelves deeply and the waves can be strong. The small charmingly-named fishing village of Parlatuvier typifies the gentle life in rural Tobago. There are one or two snackettes in the village, but little else.

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Back Bay, Plymouth

RSR Dead Bay

Allegedly Named after a spectacular sea battle where the beach was scattered with dead bodies, this beach is only accessible by an energetic hike. To explore this beach, hire a guide in Bloody Bay.

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RSR Bloody Bay

The macabre name for this beautiful beach allegedly originates from a naval battle around 1666 when an English fleet defeated a combined Dutch and French fleet. According to legend, so bloody was the battle that the sea turned red. At least, this seems to be the generally accepted origin of the name. However, I did read a BBC publication that claimed the battle was between plantation owners and slaves. Most history books seem to indicate that there was no formal settlement of this area, at that time, so I think we should take all claims with a pinch of salt.

Bloody Bay is a glorious sheltered bay with golden sands and clear blue waters. It is nearly always deserted, except for the odd fishermen. It is also the last beach accessible on the northern Caribbean coast before the road turns east and heads through the rainforest to Roxborough.

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