Beaches & Bays: Region 5 - Upper Atlantic

Our Tobago beach guide shows every major bay or beach, listed in clockwise direction around the island. Hold your mouse over the bay to identify it and click for detailed information.

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The Atlantic Coast between Roxborough and Scarborough is quite dramatic and very different in appearance from the Caribbean coast just seven miles over the island. Although worth exploring, few of the beaches on this coast are suitable for swimming and none suitable for snorkelling.

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RSR Carapuse Bay

A long, exposed bay and beach, just south of Roxborough.

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RSR Richmond Bay

A quiet pretty beach near the mouth of a river and overlooking Richmond Island. Adjacent inlets are known as Mangrove or Clarke's Bay and Bellevue Bay. This latter bay is normally quite calm by Atlantic-coast standards and can be accessed by a small road off the Belle Garden Bay Road junction.

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RSR Goldsborough Bay

There are several dark volcanic sand beaches along Goldsborough Bay between Roxborough and Scarborough, particularly each side of the village of Pembroke. Pembroke Beach (turn off at the crossroads at the bottom of the hill) is safe to swim in, but there is no shade or facilities.

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RSR Pinfold Bay

A small beach next to the ruins of Fort Granby and also known as Fort Granby Beach. The site is marked by a sign off the Windward Road, which takes you past a ready-mix concrete plant and the island's rubbish tip. The beach, however, is quite pretty although swimming is not safe here. It's a good walking beach and there is a small bar for refreshments after.

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Pinfold Bay from Granby Point

RSR Barbados Bay

The original capital of Tobago, Georgetown, was established in the late 1700's in the area now known as Studley Park on the edge of Barbados Bay.

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Barbados Bay

RSR Hope Bay (Hillsborough Bay)

Hope Bay is readily recognisable due to the lines of waves breaking into surf as the sea rushes in over the shallow waters. The beach is a very long stretch of black volcanic sand and the invariably deserted. There are strong rip tides out to sea, so the bay is not considered safe for swimming, but it does make an excellent walking beach.

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Hope Bay

RSR Minster Bay (aka Minster Bay)

A long (half-mile) crescent-shaped beach of dark yellow sand between Minister Point and Bacolet Point. A great beach for walking.

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Minister Bay

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