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Although there are a great number of self-drive car and jeep rental agencies on Tobago, there are very few of any real consequence and less than a handful that achieve high standards. Small agencies may have only a couple of old cars. Prices may be low, but they have no backup and who wants to spend valuable holiday time waiting for a car to be fixed?

Over the years, we have used a multitude of rental outlets on Tobago. Few have impressed me and many are on my “No, No!” list. Hotel managers often tell guests that it is normal to expect your rental to be changed at least twice during a two-week holiday. This is sadly only too true with many agencies.

So, based on long experience, we can only recommend a small list of rental agencies with total conviction. We are delighted to offer the following reviews of our two favourite car rental services:

Summary & Conclusions

So, why do we favour Sheppy's so strongly?

Well, what can I say? I just WANT to book my car with Sheppy. Dealing with him is an experience in itself. He is an immensely genial chap and goes out of his way to provide the highest levels of service. On the odd occasion that he falls short, it's not for lack of trying.

Englishman's BayOver recent years Sheppy has replaced and expanded his fleet. He is now one of the three largest car rental services on Tobago and has an impressive fleet of well-maintained new vehicles. However, that single important word service makes a huge difference. It is the reason that Sheppy carries the distinction of being the 'myTobago preferred car rental agency'.

Part of me wants to shout about Sheppy from the rooftops. The other side wants to keep quiet. My one great hope is that success does not change either Sheppy or the great value and service that he currently continues to provide.

And the Yes Tourism brokerage service? Well, it was clear that I needed to view the service through the eyes, and from the perspective of, the average tourist, not visitors with our experience of the island. With that in mind, I can only say that everything was ready as arranged and the cars were up to expectation. I had no breakdowns or problems, so no opportunity to test the Yes Tourism support service. Did I get better service by going through them rather than booking direct? From a visitor's perspective, I think I would have to say 'yes'. The booking cost no more than booking direct, so the The beautiful Caribbean coastline'insurance' of having Yes Tourism behind the booking was effectively free. As a casual visitor, none of us have the buying influence that they command and it is this buying power that guarantees clients the best cars. I'm sure each of the rental agencies involved would have given good service if anything had gone wrong, but it was a great comfort knowing that we had someone independent to could contact, 24-hours a day, ready to sort out any problems and apply pressure if the rental agencies were less than accommodating. From my point of view, it is a win-win situation.

Should you book before your departure? The unequivocal answer is 'yes', particularly if you are visiting during the high season (January-March). Looking at the Yes Tourism on-line listings you could be forgiven for thinking that Tobago has a huge fleet of rental vehicles. The truth is quite the opposite. It is important to get your name down early – and once again, better to have somebody influential batting for you so that you don't arrive and find that you have been given a less suitable alternative.

Happy motoring!

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