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Details of prizes contributed to the myTobago competition

Tobago Now

Prize Ref: 110

Prizes: 4 prizes for 2 people

Status: Available

Tobago could be the place where the term “off the beaten track” was invented. If you would like to boldly go, where no man has gone before (well it will feel that way) Tobago Now´s Fabrizio Ceppi is offering an off-road safari tour for up to eight people in fully prepared 4x4 vehicles.

This is the real deal, for all you mud-pluggers, although the greatest of care and consideration is always shown to the environment on these excursions. During your safari, you will cross rivers and pass through old plantations, from the Caribbean coast into the heart of Tobago, stopping for a swim in the natural pool of a lovely waterfall.

Check out the myTobago review of a trip with Tobago Now.

Lunch is provided but alcoholic beverages are not included. Tours are scheduled according to demand and the days on which they operate may vary from week to week.


Mountain Biking Tobago

Prize Ref: 117

Prizes: 3 prizes for 2 people

Status: Available

If you really fancy an extreme adventure Mountain Biking Tobago are offering their Waterfall Adventure mountain bike tour for three couples (6 persons).

The 2-3 hour 12kms (approx) tour is suitable for easy to medium riders of around 12 years of age and older. The tour includes a Mountain Biking Tobago tour guide, a hard-tail mountain bike with front shocks, helmet and a light snack and refreshment.

Important Notes:

Due to size restrictions on the bikes, riders must be at least 5" tall and have a reasonable level of fitness in order to do the tour. Riders under 18 years will need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver form. This prize must be redeemed by 31 August 2008.

Please note that transfers to and from the start of the tour are not included.


Alibaba Tours

Prize Ref: 92

Prizes: 1 prizes for 2 people

Status: Available

This is THE tour for waterfall-lovers!

This special full day tour takes you to five of the famous and more hidden and secret waterfalls of the island. Easy hiking is required to reach some of them and if you like to cool down in their ice-cold pools your swimsuit is a must. A refreshing adventure on hot days!

You will pass around the whole island and will get a very good impression of what Tobago is about…

Lunch and drinks are provided.


King David Tours

Prize Ref: 121

Prizes: 1 prizes for 4 people

Status: ALLOCATED - Prize no longer available

Based in Castara, King David Tours is one of the original and most experienced Tobago tour providers.

If you would like to explore the natural wonders of Tobago´s rainforest (the oldest protected rain forest in the Western hemisphere) then this 3 hour rainforest tour four four people is bound to appeal. Whether it´s the bird life, insects, flowers or trees that you´re interested in – you won´t be disappointed.

Rain gear, rubber boots, binoculars and walking sticks are provided.

Check out the myTobago review of a trip with King David.


Yes Tourism

Prize Ref: 103

Prizes: 1 prizes for 2 people

Status: Available

Leaders in Tobago´s tourism industry, Yes Tourism are offering their highly-popular Around The Island tour for two lucky people.

Discover Tobago´s most beautiful sights. Visit both the Caribbean and Atlantic coasts, Tobago´s scenic beaches and picturesque fishing village Charlotteville in the north-east of the island.

The tour includes a typical local lunch at Jemma´s Sea View Kitchen in Speyside. Other highlights will be a visit to the Argyle Waterfall, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, and a visit to the historic capital Scarborough. Enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Atlantic coast from Fort King George. Many photographic opportunities await you!

Duration: 8–9 hrs (incl. lunch, entrance fee and refreshments)


Newton George

Prize Ref: 133

Prizes: 1 prizes for 2 people

Status: ALLOCATED - Prize no longer available

Can you resist a guided trip to the rainforest with Tobago´s renowned birder and naturalist Newton George .

Newton will reveal the wonders of the rainforest to our two lucky nature-lovers during a 5/6 hours tour.

Whether you´re an ornithologist, an avid arborealist, a herpetologist, or a lepidopterous lover, this prize is definitely something to crow about.

Check out the myTobago review of a trip with Newton George for more information and contact details.

Yes Tourism

Prize Ref: 104

Prizes: 1 prizes for 2 people

Status: Available

A second offering from Yes Tourism is an exciting and interesting Rain Forest tour for two lucky winners.

Marvel at the unique flora and fauna of the oldest protected Rain Forest in the Western Hemisphere. Our professional tour guide will introduce you to the amazing abundance of tropical plants, birds and wildlife of Tobago.

Duration: 5 hrs (incl. snack breakfast, refreshments)


Cuffie River Nature Retreat

Prize Ref: 132

Prizes: 1 prizes for 2 people

Status: Available

Less than a 45-minute drive from any hotel on Tobago, the Cuffie Nature Retreat is located on an old cocoa plantation in the very centre of Tobago, on the fringes of the protected rainforest

Two lucky winners will be able to join resident guide, Desmond, on one of the retreat´s relaxed three-hour bird watching and nature walks through the trails around the retreat. The walks are suitable for anyone of average fitness. Sturdy shoes are fairly essential.

After the walk, you will be ready for your complimentary lunch at the Retreat, featuring truly excellent Caribbean cuisine.

Tours operate Monday to Friday. Alcoholic beverages not included.

Check out the myTobago review of the Cufie River for more information.


Friendship Riding Stables

Prize Ref: 129

Prizes: 1 prizes for 2 people

Status: ALLOCATED - Prize no longer available

Friendship Riding Stables are located in the middle of a 500-acre old coconut plantation in the Kilgwyn wetlands, bordering Canoe Bay and a sheltered stretch of the Atlantic Coast. They are just a 10 minute drive from Crown Point and easily accessible for a spot of horse riding through the plantation and down to the beach.

Two lucky myTobago readers could enjoy a guided trek through trails of wild bush and coconut palms and down to Canoe bay beach. If the tide is low enough, you will be able to enjoy a stroll through the ocean and up to Kilywgyn beach, before continuing through the mangroves and back onto the wild trails of the estate and home to base. The trek last about an hour an a minute and is suitable for riders of all levels, as a suitable mount will be chosen for your level of experience from the stable’s eleven horses.


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