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Sheppy´s Car Rental: A three-day hire of a soft-top 4x4 from one of Tobago´s most popular rental services

Donation not only help ensure the future of but also offer you the chance to win amazing prizes.

One competition ticket will be granted for every £5 (approx US$8.75) donated to myTobago. Winners of the three monthly prizes will be selected from all entries that correctly answer a question about Tobago. Competition donations of £25 or more qualify for a free myTobago sports cap.

The preferred method of donation is via secure (SSL encrypted) credit card payment. All debit and credit cards allied to the MasterCard, VISA and Eurocard network can be accepted, together with Delta/Electron/Switch and Solo cards.

Donations can also be made via PayPal or by cheque. However, it should be noted that this may delay entry to the competition as donors will need to be sent a competition entry form after they have made their donation.

Please for further information. Please ensure that you have read the Competition Rules below before making your donation.

Thanks for your support and good luck in the competition.

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Competition Rules

Terms and conditions of the competition

We have tried to keep the competition as simple as possible, but readers should be aware of the following terms and conditions. Entries to the Competition are granted on the implicit understanding that the donor has read and accepted these Competition Rules.

The competition is organised and coordinated on Tobago by Yes Tourism Ltd for the benefit of the readers of


The competition shall run from 13th May until 31st December 2007.


Yes Tourism: A rainforest tour for two with one of Tobago´s leading tour operators The myTobago competition prizes shall consist of donations from businesses connected with the provision of services to those visiting Tobago. A full list of prizes and details of the supporting businesses is available through the various tabs at the top of the web pages in this section of


The competition is open to all readers of the myTobago website over 16 years of age and who are not permanent residents of Tobago. All prizes shall be claimed in person and documentary proof of identity and age may be required if the competition-winner appears to be less than 17 years of age.

Entry to the competition shall be by donation to in increments of £5 (five pounds sterling) or the equivalent in US dollars or Euros, by credit card submission, Paypal or by personal cheque. The donation of £5 entitles the entrant to one entry to the competition and this shall confirm their acceptance of these rules and conditions of entry. There shall be no limit to the number of entries made by any individual. Entrants shall receive an acknowledgement of their donation and number of competition entries issued, by email. Entrant’s details shall be entered into a database of participants and electronic competition entries created.

This shall not be a ‘rolling’ competition. Each monthly competition shall be a separate event and unsuccessful entries will not be included in future monthly competition. Each competition shall consist only of entries received within that calendar month. There is no limit to the number of entries that any one person can make or the number of prizes they can win, except that no single person will be awarded more than one prize in any single month.

Prize Awards and Procedures

Three winners will be selected from correctly answered competition entries issued each month, from 10th May 2007. Results will be announced on the 1st day of the month following. There will therefore be 8 separate competitions, with 24 competition winners. Occasionally, and at the discretion of the organisers, additional prizes may be made available.

King David Tours: A sunset cruise for 4 people along the northern Caribbean coast with this popular Castara tour operator. The winners of each competition will then choose from the list of published prizes, according to their preference. As each prize is chosen it will be marked as reserved and will not be available to other contestants. Winners will have a maximum of 21 days from winning to choose their preferred prize, in order that it may be shown as reserved on the prize list for the following monthly competition. (This will avoid the same prize being chosen by two winners).

Should any one prize be chosen by more than one winner in any particular month, the first-placed winner in each monthly competition shall have priority over 2nd and 3rd place winners (and so on). To assist in the smooth operation of the competition, 2nd & 3rd placed winners will be asked to choose their preferred prize and a back-up, in case of such duplication. Once chosen, a prize cannot be changed except in highly exceptional circumstances and by the mutual agreement of the prize donors and the editor of myTobago. The editor’s decision shall be final.

All prizes must be claimed and used before 31 December 2008, except where it has been noted in the prize details that an earlier redemption date applies. All prizes are strictly subject to availability and must be booked with the donor establishment at least 60 days before arrival in Tobago, except where the prize winner has made arrangements with the prize donor prior to this date.

Limit to liabilities

No liabilities can be inferred upon the organisers for:

  • Any personal expenses incurred in the acceptance of a prize e.g. transfers, travel, the purchase/hire of essential equipment, or payment for additional members of a group over and above those stated (as stipulated by the prize donor) in the published details of a prize package.
  • Any losses or personal injuries etc. however sustained.
  • The conduct or actions of any prize donor.
  • Failure to provide the prizes, or default by donors, including cancellation due to adverse weather, equipment failure, the ill health of either party or any other form of curtailment.
  • It shall be for the prize-winner to satisfy themselves of the suitability of the chosen prize, in respect of the abilities, limitations and health of each participant and the prize-winner should satisfy themselves that suitable qualifications and third party liability insurance is held by any prize donor, especially where an activity prize is chosen.

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