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Information on dive organisations and links to further reading about diving on Tobago

Dive Organisations

Buccoo Reef Trust

Caribbean Reef SquidThe Buccoo Reef Trust is a non-profit organisation created to assist in addressing the threats facing Tobago's marine environment and to explore opportunities for the sustainable development of marine tourism, fishing and aquaculture in the Caribbean region as a whole. Its aim is to build and operate the Tobago Marine Research Centre (TMRC) as an internationally recognised institution of research and education on tropical reef ecosystems and sustainable aquaculture.

More Info : www.buccooreef.org


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors exists to develop programs that encourage and fulfil the public interest in recreational scuba and snorkel diving worldwide. More than half of all new divers in the world are PADI certified annually. The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program is designed to let new divers experience the thrill of diving under the supervision of a PADI Professional in a pool or pool-like conditions. There is a minimum age of 10 years to enter the program and no formal qualification is awarded. You will, however, master some of the basic concepts and scuba skills.

The Open Water Diver course is the most popular dive program in the world. A PADI Junior Open Water Diver is for divers between 10 and 12 years of age, who may only dive with a PADI Professional, a certified parent or certified guardian to a maximum depth of 12 metres/40 feet.

More info: www.padi.com

Reef Scene


The British SubAqua Club charge a membership fee and periodically organise training for new and more experienced divers. Advantages are that you can get access to shared club resources like boats and some equipment and the club will have events and dive trips throughout the year. In a club environment you can also get more ongoing support and learn to dive without having to take time off work. The BSAC also let you try out scuba equipment in a swimming pool near you to see if you like it, if you're not sure.

More info: www.bsac.com


CMAS is a very large European diving organisation, doing for mainland Europe what BSAC does in the British Isles.

More info: www.cmas2000.org/main2.asp


Striped GruntThe National Association of Underwater Instructors (and other organisations) offer residential courses enabling novice divers to qualify in a week. There are no formal NAUI courses available on Tobago.

More info: www.naui.org


The Association of Tobago Dive Operators is a local association designed to promote diving on Tobago and to ensure that members adhere to standards for the safety and comfort of visiting divers. Things might be changing, but we reserve comment!

More info: www.tobagoscubadiving.com


Reef ResearchThe Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a non-profit organization which provides expert information and advice to the diving public. DAN's primary function is to provide emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries, to work to prevent injuries and to promote diving safety. DAN promotes underwater diving research and education particularly as it relates to diving safety, medical treatment and first aid. DAN strives to provide the most accurate, up-to-date and unbiased information on issues of common concern to the diving public.

More info: www.diversalertnetwork.org or www.daneurope.org

Further Dive Information


www.divernet.com – online divers magazine

www.scubaboard.com – the world’s largest online scuba diving forum.

www.yorkshire-divers.co.uk – a useful UK-based divers forum.

www.infohub.com – speciality travel guide with useful scuba links.

www.mtsinai.org – questions and answers on physiology and medical aspects of scuba diving

www.scubadiving.com – American diving magazine with travel section and online magazine articles

www.undercurrent.org – a subscription based (US$3.95 per month) dive review service.

Juvenile French Angelfish


Diving on the Edge: a guide for new divers by Michael Bane

The highest rated starters book in North America. Deals with minimising risk and maximising enjoyments. Great book.

Sport Diving by British Sub-Aqua Club:

The British bible of Scuba Diving and the place to start for anyone starting out. Highlights all the dangers and pitfalls and how to avoid them.

The complete Diving Guide - The Caribbean Vol 1 by Colleen Ryan and Brian Savage

Nice book covers a few the South Easton Caribbean islands including Tobago, Barbados, St Lucia Granada, Martinique, Dominica & St Vincent. Nice section on Tobago with 44 dives and 7 dive maps. Well set out and easy to follow guide.

Lonely Planet Diving and Snorkeling - Trindad & Tobago by Lawson Wood

41 dives in the Tobago section. A classic guide and easy to get hold of.

Reef Fish Identification Florida Caribbean Bahamas by Paul Humann

Very comprehensive book with well over a 500 photos and descriptions.

Green Moray


Simply Scubawww.simplyscuba.co.uk – UK based with delivery across Europe.

Reef Scubawww.reefscuba.com – US based with a good clear online catalogue.

Keep Bubblinwww.keepbubblin.com – US base scuba store.

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