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A guide to the dangers of buying and using illegal 'recreational' drugs on Tobago

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The laid-back attitude of Tobagonians and the ready availability of herbal tobacco are NOT reason to consider this lovely island a haven for illicit drugs. Those violating the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, even unknowingly, may be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned.

Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking of illegal drugs in Trinidad and Tobago are strict. Suspected offenders can expect lengthy jail sentences and fines, and may be jailed until the trial date, which can be months or even years after the arrest. Many of the foreign citizens incarcerated in Trinidad and Tobago were caught attempting to take suitcases or packages containing drugs out of the country. Even if the package or suitcase is being carried for someone else, the traveller is liable for its contents.

All narcotic drugs are illegal in Trinidad and Tobago. In any quantity! If caught, there are no exceptions and no excuses. T&T law does not allow for "personal possession" nor for ignorance of the law. The smallest quantity of marijuana found on your person will earn you at least a night in jail, and a hefty fine. Larger amounts of marijuana or any amount of cocaine will get you charged with "trafficking" - penalties for this include a minimum of 5 years in Trinidad's State Prisons, and possibly confiscation of your assets back home.

Do not even think of taking home any "souvenirs". The airport drug squads are very efficient.

Finally, if you are offered drugs on the beach, in a rum house or, particularly, at Sunday School – be warned. We have heard of many cases of visitors buying small packets of wacky backy in such circumstances, only to find themselves arrested a few minutes later.



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