Fishing: Freshwater Fishing

A guide to freshwater sports fishing in Tobago


The opportunities for freshwater fishing are limited. The main body of fresh water, Hillsborough Dam, is a nature reserve and angling is not allowed there. In any case, the lake is inhabited by crocodile-like Cayman, so it’s best to steer clear of the lake unless you can get a local guide who has permission to access it.

Some of the streams emptying from Hillsborough Dam do contain freshwater mullet and odd-looking minnows and loaches. The pool at the bottom of Argyle Falls is a good example. Nearer to the sea, some species of flounder gain access to the mouths of streams and rivers during periods of exceptional high tides or flood. It might also be possible to find small tarpon or snook in these intermittent estuaries and lightweight fly gear may induce a fish.

The Courland River, near Plymouth, is probably the best place to try for these species.

The great thing about fishing in Tobago is - you never know what to expect next!

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