Fishing: Local Fishermen

A guide to fishing with local fishermen on Tobago

This section lists a few experienced, knowledgeable, local fishermen. This is an altogether more intimate experience, where you will do all the fishing yourself. Against that, shade, facilities, personal comfort and safety equipment vary from minimal to non-existent and you must provide all your own fishing gear. To contact any of the fishermen mentioned, simply ask for them (they are more widely known by the nicknames mentioned in the listing) in the fishing co-operative areas of the villages in which they operate.

Anglers should seriously consider the safety implications before agreeing to a fishing trip with a local fisherman in a small pirogue. Readers should take careful note of the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. It is difficult to establish contact information for fishermen. Remember, they are not running tourism "businesses". It is simply a matter of asking around, particularly at the fishing co-operatives, until someone points you in the right direction.

Celery Beach  Dolphin fight

Region 1 - Crown Point

  • Stallion: Good offshore fisherman for wahoo. Ask at Plymouth pier or Pigeon Point.

Region 2 - Lower Caribbean

  • Keith Chicken: A serious guy, but keen and helpful.
  • Owen Anaconda Cox: See Castara listing.
  • Stallion: Good offshore fisherman for wahoo. Ask at Plymouth pier or Pigeon Point.
  • The Pastor: Fishes for dolphin fish (mahi-mahi), 10-15 miles offshore. That's a long way out in a 30 ft boat! Very successful at what he does and charges around US$100 plus per day. Ask at Plymouth pier.
  • The Tuna Man (aka Stumpy). Fishes out of Plymouth and plies the Turtle Beach-Pigeon Point tourist traps. No need to ask around - he'll find you! Reports, of his attitude to visitors, suggest that his service standards and business practises vary according to his mood.

Region 3 - Upper Caribbean

Most of the Castara posse will take you out to The Sisters but make sure you have your sea legs - it gets pretty hairy out there, but the tuna fishing can be awesome.

  • Eldon Rusty Lewis: A very knowledgeable and amiable freelance fisherman.
  • Michael: Works for Woodies. Very friendly, good fun and knowledgeable.

Region 4 - North End

Some of the local fishermen from Speyside, Parlatuvier and Charlotteville will take you out on an ad-hoc basis, but as before, you will need to supply your own gear, unless you are happy to use the commercial hand lines that the locals favour.

  • Curtis Aming Antoine of Workshop SeaTours runs out of Charlottesville and combines, diving, sightseeing and beach barbeques with fishing trips. No longer simply a fisherman, Curtis is now running a full-blown tour and excursion service.


The seas off Tobago can, at times, be rough and tide rips and currents are numerous. Those fishing with charter operators and local fishermen, do so entirely at their own risk. The information contained within this article does not constitute a recommendation or guarantee that suitable safety equipment, appropriate licences or insurance are held by the operator/owner/skipper or confirm the sea worthiness of the vessel used. The chartering of a fishing vessel is undertaken entirely at the risk of the individual. No responsibility can be bestowed upon the authors of this article, in the event of injury, death or financial loss. If in doubt - don't go out.

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