Will it rain???

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Claire Warren

Will it rain???

Post by Claire Warren »

I'm arriving in Castara on the 26th for 2 weeks.
What will the weather be like?
Some web sites are reporting rain - what does that mean exactly.
Will it be a little afternoon shower, rain over night or will I need my waterproofs???


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Patrick Dankou
Tobago Business
Tobago Business
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Post by Patrick Dankou »

Hi Claire,
don't worry! It was pretty hot for the last few weeks and a short shower now and then is most welcome. We had a few short showers from some clouds that build up over the rainforest during the day. They usuallly affect only a small part of the island and don't last longer than a few minutes.
Just make sure you don't forget your sun protection!
Patrick Dankou
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Linda P

Will it rain.....

Post by Linda P »

Thanks for that Patrick, We will be arriving on 20th May for two weeks,which I know brings us into the rainy season, but I too have been looking at weather forecasts and been concerned that it seemed to be raining a lot now! I hope the rain is not going to be excessive when we are there! How long do the showeres last for in late May?


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Kevin Hampson
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Tobago Fanatic
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Post by Kevin Hampson »

Hi Linda,
Dont let a bit of rain put you off we were there last November and we had 3 days or really heavy stuff.
It's like a warm power shower!! nothing like the cold wet stuff in the UK.


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