May/June holiday report

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Karen Bowman

May/June holiday report

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I have just spent two weeks (24/05/04 to 7/06/04) in Tobago.

I was a little apprehensive at first about the weather as I was told that June was the start of the rainy season, I shouldn't have worried the weather was gorgeous and most of the rain we experienced was either in the night or came in 'short sharp bursts' with the sun out at the same time! This island is beautiful and relatively unspoilt, you really must see real Tobago and I would highly recommend that you visit some of the other beaches/areas, there are many coves and bays around the island although the roads are not the best and the locals tend to drive in the middle of the have been warned!

If you go at this particular time of year don't miss the opportunity to observe the Leatherback Turtles laying their eggs on the beach, this is a very emotional experience not to be missed. There is a 'turtle watch preservation society who will gladly let you know when one is on the beach, don't wait in anticipation as they only come up at night and on certain beaches - we saw them at Black Rock Stonehaven Bay.

There are many good restaurants around the island and the Seahorse at Black Rock is English owned and not to be missed, excellent food and service.

The only thing that 'put the damper' on our holiday was the Mosquitoes, don't be fooled they are a force to be reckoned with! They are immune to everything that you use including pure citronella oil! If you are one of those that Mosquitoes like (I wasn't until I visited Tobago)it really is a problem at this time of year and throughout the rainy season. Daytime Mosquitoes are just as bad as in the evening so covering up is not really the solution unless you want to spend all your time in trousers.

I hope you have found my feedback useful, the far reaching question is would I go back? Yes absolutely but maybe at a time when there are not so many insects about.

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