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Tracey Mason

weather forecast

Post by Tracey Mason »

Will be arriving for my very first visit to tobago on 3rd Jan, 2005. Was very disappointed however after reading a weather forecast for next week saying there was to be cloud and thunderstorms everyday!!!
Is this normal? Does anyone know how long they are likely to last, all day, one hour? Should i still pack my bikini??

Steve Fifield

Post by Steve Fifield »

Hi Tracey,

We will also be arriving on Saturday 1st, and we don't expect too many Thunderstorms at all. If you looked at a weather forcast, they almost always show this, but the forcast is too general and mostly refers to Venezuala. I can say with a fair amount of confidence (based on the last three years) that you will get more sun than rain at this time of year, and that the rain will be mostly in the late evenings and early mornings. See Paul's Tallet's Liquid Sunshine thread for a more optomistic and generally accurate view.

We will only be packing shorts and T-shirts. Have a great Holiday - give us a wave if you see an English couple in (early?) 40's with a very confident and often loud 7 year old son called Jack.

Steve, Claire and Jack Fifield. 8)

Cornelia Montgomery

Post by Cornelia Montgomery »

Hi, Tracey,
January is at the beginning of dry season. I've been in Tobago in January, February, and March. Only once was I rained out for an entire day. When I've been there, there are usually some fluffy clouds in the sky. Occasionally, there will be a brief shower. Then it's over. Bring your bikini, just don't forget the sunscreen.
I think the forecasts always predict rain, because of these brief showers. The same holds true for Hawaii, where on most islands it rains every day, but just in short bursts.

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Paul Tallet
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Post by Paul Tallet »

Hi Tracey

Hope you got my email which I replied to before I got onto this thread.

As Steve says, these weather forecasts are the same all the time ... expect most most showers at night and fewer by day ... days being mostly sunny.

As Cornelia says ... you may get one wash out over a 2 week holiday.

I always found that showers were common just before dawn and around breakfast time ... I have this distant recollection of making sure I was sheltered at Breakfast time because the early morning showers always diluted the strength of my morning coffee.

Time I went back.

Anyway ... watch the sun, it is very severe ... cover yourself up even when you are swimming in the first few days ... snorkelling can be deadly for those with fair skin.

Paul Tallet
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Tracey Mason

weather forecast

Post by Tracey Mason »

Thanks to all who replied to my message. Am very relieved as i have just spent a fortune on two lovely bikinis!!! I shall go and start packing.

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