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Jon O'd


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I'm due to go out to Tobago for the first time for two weeks this Saturday and both the forecast, and your comments seem to indicate that the weather will be pretty wet for almost the entire time.

Is this going to be the case or do you think it will improve?

Obviously with it being my first trip out there, I wouldn't want consistent bad weather to soil my view of the place.

Any thoughts?

Steve Fifield

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Hi, (and if Steve Wooler was not on holiday in Tobago himself, I'm sure that he would say "Welcome on board"!)

I think that is almost inconceivable that the extremely unusual weather pattern of the last 2-3 weeks will not improve. I think we have had a little bad luck with the weather, but two weeks from now, lets hope that you will see only short spells of rain, and glorious sunshine for the remainder.

Steve F. 8)

Jon O'd

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Thanks for your optimism. And indeed for filling in on the 'Welcome on board!'. I would have been most upset had I not recieved the customary new persons' greeting.

I hope you're right. Still, a rainy Tobago is better than a rainy Manchester, and the rainforests in Tobago are, I believe, significantly better than the ones in Didsbury, so it's not all bad....

Thanks for your comments.

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Paul Tallet
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Hi Jon

I appreciate that the posts in this forum have been offputting, but Tobago has had very unseasonal weather recently.

As Steve says, the chances of this continuing for the next few weeks are unlikely ... in fact impossible to comprehend ... however, as matters stand, the weather has improved but the tropical convergence area to the south is not yet far south enough for me to be confident that the conditions will settle properly for the dry season.

I want it to sink south of the equator.

Hopefully have some better news for the end of the week or maybe your arrival could be a good omen?

Paul Tallet
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Jon O'd

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That's what I like to hear.

Thank's for your consoling words. If all else fails, I always have the gym.....

Failing that, I shall personally be paying off the tropical convergance fella in the hope that that sorts it out.

Fingers crossed for a good time.

Cheers for your help!


Lynn Nuttall

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Just returned and yes it has been wet but definately better than rainy Oldham. Still managed to get a sun tan

We had about 3 days of total rain the rest OK better rain in Tobago than here.

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