Wheather Forcast in February

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Rob Van Loo

Wheather Forcast in February

Post by Rob Van Loo »

In a few days we are leaving for Tobago for 2 weeks. :D We are really looking forward staying there but......according to "wheatherchannel.com" it will be raining for next few weeks. :cry:

I hope someone (Paul?) can give us some hope for sunshine as these big wheather sites aren't always accurate.

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David Watkins
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Bude Cool Boy
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Post by David Watkins »

Rob,watch Paul's forecasts.To my certain knowledge over the past 6/7weeks he has ben correct with an accuracy of 12-15 hours.The problem with wider range forecasts is that they get most of thier info from Port of Spain and Caraccas which is quite a distance.Also being a rainforest island in the Leewards it has it's own mini systems.
TRUST IN PAUL(did I really type that :!: )

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Paul Tallet
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Post by Paul Tallet »

Thank you David ... I continue to be charmed by your most eloquent contributions :wink: .

Anyway, Rob's question ...

Rob, I hope you did not pay for the long range forecast ... most weather information services charge for long range forecasts and, yet, such forecasts are the most unreliable.

However, February is one of the driest months of the year if we go by trends ... there are always exceptions to the norm ... but you can be satisfied that you have chosen one of the least rainy months of the year to take your holiday.

I can tell you that it will rain, it always rains but it is normally short sharp showers that fall for about 30 minutes or 1 hour and these mostly fall during the night or in the early hours of the morning ... the days are mostly bright and sunny.

Even in the dry months, such as February, I would expect to have about 1 or 2 days of predominant rain or cloud over a 2 week holiday ... that is about the right benchmark.

As of today, Tobago has had 5 or 6 days of total sunshine which, whilst in stark contrast to the unusually rainy period up to last weekend, is not really very normal, in fact it is the opposite extreme to the recent rainy conditions.

I stayed in Tobago in February 2004 and it rained every night and once, there was rain for a full day ... otherwise it was sunny all the time.

Hope this helps and enjoy your holiday.

Paul Tallet
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Rob Van Loo

Thank you Paul

Post by Rob Van Loo »


Thank you for sharing your knowledge on Tobago's weather. As you can see my English knowledge is not that great but again: a big thanks.

I will keep reading your forecasts on Tobago to plan our activities.


Post by SJKeeler »

The first two years we visited Tobago in late Feb. early March, the island was in drought conditions. We had no rain in the southern end of the island for two weeks. Last year, which I think was more typical, we had rain showers almost every night into the early morning. Nearly every day was a perfect mixture of sun and clouds. Over the two weeks, we had two days of intermittant showers with fast-moving clouds.

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