Wind and weather in June/July

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Petter Moen

Wind and weather in June/July

Post by Petter Moen »

As I know that the rain-question has been raised several times, I'll try to avoid asking again.. Any experiences on the weather in June/July would however be appreciated... :wink:

But what is more important is if it'll blow? I'm going kitesurfing but not only kitesurfing. I've read that there's about 50% chance of kiteable wind in July. Any opinions?

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Paul Tallet
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Post by Paul Tallet »

Hi Petter and welcome.

June and July is the start of the Hurricane season so there could be somewhere in the Caribbean where a very invigorating kite surfing experience is available for you.

Joking aside ... you are right to wonder ... the winds can calm down in June and at times the air can be very still plus the humidity rises as the moisture in the air increases ... consequently there can be more rain.

It is anyones guess ... but Tobago is a little different to the rest of the Caribbean because Tobago is at the extreme south east and close to the South American mainland ... the weather is more consistent all year.

I reckon you will get some good windy days out of a 2 week holiday ... take it day by day.

It is nearly always windy around the Pigeon Point / Buccoo Reef area where plenty of watersports facilities are available.

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