Tobago weather - end of August

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Rachel Lock

Tobago weather - end of August

Post by Rachel Lock »


I am travelling to Tobago with my family (hubby and 2 children aged 8 and 6) on the 24th August. I am just getting a bit worried that it is going to rain the whole time! Can anyone give me any confidence that it really only rains for a short time in bursts and not all day long?! Does the sun come out in August or is it mainly cloudy?

Regards, worried mum,

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Brian Taylor
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the worst should be over by end of july... and even the worst is letting out the sun in between! no worries!
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Jo Hughes

weather second week in July

Post by Jo Hughes »

Im in Tobago for third time, second week in July. I usually go early June but due to son's GCSE's had to go later this year, any idea of the weather in July? Cant wait to get back there again!

Mary Black
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hello jo
we're going over 6/7 and hoping for sunshine too-we've been in march april july august and december and i really cant remember which had more rain-we went in july 2 years ago -when we arrived the heavens opened and we didn't really see much sun for the first 3 days my brother in law (1st visit) was very concerned !!!
then the sun took over and he was happy :lol: :lol: :lol:
dont worry the rains are a welcome relief and never stop you enjoying things i love being in the sea or the pool when its raining heavy
its what makes the island so beautiful so just think of it as LIQUID SUNSHINE
i'm sure you'll all have a great time
hope we bump into you

Sandra Martin

Post by Sandra Martin »

Hi Rachel,

I don't believe it ......... we are also going to Tobago on 24th August and you've asked exactly the same question I was going to ask!

Let's hope we all have a good time and come back here with a sun tan!

Rachel Lock

Post by Rachel Lock »

Hi Sandra,

Are you flying with Virgin from Gatwick?

We are staying at the Blue Haven. Gettting very excited! Hope the weather is good as the kids are so excited about snorkelling and visiting the rainforest.


Sandra Martin

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Hi Rachel,

Yes, we are travelling with Virgin from Gatwick. We're so looking forward to it. I've learned som much from this website, one of the best things I could have done.



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Nice choice of hotel you have made, your children will love Bacolet beach my son who`s 7 had the most fun body boarding and spent many hours surfing.

Tobago is great as you can snorkel in the calm waters off Pigeon Point in the morning and body board in the waves on the atlantic side all in the same day.

With regrds the weather we went last September and had 2 weeks of great weather, then we went this june the 1st day of the rain season and we had good weather, it rained at night and if it did rain during the day its only short showers. As regards the clouds it nice to get a break from the hot sun.

Have a great time.

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