October 18th - 29th - will it be rainy?

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October 18th - 29th - will it be rainy?

Post by Eleanor »

I'm going with my son to Tobago in October but we are a little worried about the weather .. will it be raining most of the time do you think? thanks

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Gisela Grell
Tobago Anorak
Tobago Anorak
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Post by Gisela Grell »

Hi Eleanor,

Welcome here (sorry Steve, I hope you don't mind, because normaly it is you turn) to this wonderful website.
Would you really belive a weather forcast for more than three days? I would never! [-X
Weather in Tobago is always nice. Even if it is raining this rain is WARM and normally it rains for one hour or so. Don't worry about the weather!

And enjoy your holidays!

a.k.a. Shorty
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David Watkins
Bude Cool Boy
Bude Cool Boy
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Post by David Watkins »

Hi Eleanor,As Gisella says it doesn't often rain continuosly but in short sharp showers from a few minutes to half an hour or so.But it doesn't matter--you get wet then in five minutes you are dry,and try swimming when it is raining.
David :D
ps skin is fairly waterproof :wink:

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