Tobago in November?

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David in California

Tobago in November?

Post by David in California »

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 04 September 2002

We are thinking about planning our honeymoon for Tobago in the middle of November. Should we worry about weather conditions? Your web site, of course, provides great information on that subject and anything can happen when it comes to the skies, but we just thought we would check with anyone. We are also considering staying at the Coco Reef resort based on the fine reviews. Hope we can find availability. Does anyone suggest a good travel package planner for Tobago and the Coco Reef? Thanks!

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Steve Wooler
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Post by Steve Wooler »

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 04 September 2002

Hi David

I know I’m biased, but you would be hard pressed to find a lovelier honeymoon destination than Tobago. It’s a tremendously romantic place. I shouldn’t worry about the weather in November. As you say, anything can happen. It’s the tail end of the wet seasons, but that’s largely academic nowadays. Most of the rain seems to come at night and, to be frank, that’s great because its very cooling and you come out in the morning to the wonderful fresh smells of the island. November is not peak time, so availability should not be a problem.

I have no knowledge of travel planners in the States and you might want to consider simply pounding the keys a little more and book directly with the hotel and arrange your own flights. Mention myTobago to the Coco Reef and they might even give you a better deal.

Whatever you do, have a wonderful honeymoon in Tobago and let us know how you get on. To guarantee a long and happy marriage, make sure you re-visit regularly (it does wonders for us – I think it’s the only reason Jill has put up with me for 30 years).
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Niki Byrne

Post by Niki Byrne »

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Hi David, I haven't been to Tobago in November, but just wanted to let you know we went in June this year for our honeymoon, and it was wonderful. Can't wait to go back again ! We were at the start of the rainy season and had very little rain really, and as Steve says, most of it fell at night. Hope you enjoy it.



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Dear David, I have to admit I'm biased like Steve. But living since 10 years in Tobago I believe my comments about this lovely island are based on experience. November used to be the month with the most rain but things likewise the weather has also changed here. The past 5 years there were not much regularity weatherwise. As Steve mentioned in his e-mail most of the rain falls at night or early morning. I personally love the caribbean rain a lot because of it's cooling effect and it also gives us this lush vegetation which I love so much! In fact Steve gave you some good advises already but if I could be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Whatever you decide on, have a wonderful honeymoon and an unforgettable weddingday. Best of luck and kind regards from Tobago

Oshie & Liad

Honeymoon in November...

Post by Oshie & Liad »

Hi David,

We’re also planning our honeymoon for Tobago, sometime in this November. When we found out about Tobago, we didn't need much persuasion to go there - It looks like an amazing and unique place.
We're also trying to find out about the weather down there during November, so if you found out more details, besides what we can see on this website, please share.
(and who knows, we might meet you and your wife there :P )

Oshie & Liad

Diana Clarke

Tobago in November

Post by Diana Clarke »

Hi, I have visited tobago for the last three years during the last two weeks in November. Yes, there was some rain. However it in no way spoilt our holiday. We have stayed in the beautifull and totally unspoilt village of Charlottville right at the top of the Island. A visit to Pirates bay is a must and a meal at Janes beachside restaurant. The diving was good with Redman in Speyside. We are coming back in January next year but I would advise anyone to go in November, there will probably be less people.

Kai Fischer

Post by Kai Fischer »

hi, i can't believe...but tomorrow we will fly to tobago for the next two weeks!!!YEEEEEESSS!!! :D i will give you a detailed report for "tobago in november" after my return!

best regards


Post by Willem »

Paul Tallet wrote:
It looks like the weather is settling down as we move into the dryer season so have safe journeys and lots of sun you lucky people.

Kai Fischer wrote:
hi, i can't believe...but tomorrow we will fly to tobago for the next two weeks!!!YEEEEEESSS!!! :D !

and I write:
:wink: :lol: We will fly on saturday, for two weeks as well! Escape the cold, the wind, the snow and hail and rains in Holland!! Will report about this trip when back. :D :D :)

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Paul Tallet
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Post by Paul Tallet »

Ah Willem

You are late ... I will have to include you in my 'honourable mentions' next Saturday.

I hope it goes well ... and give Kai a wave as he passes you on the way back to his homeland and associated weather conditions !!

Paul Tallet
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