Weather in june

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Weather in june

Post by Natasha »

Can any one tell me what the weather is like in June/July, at the momment it seems to be raining a lot. thank you

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Steve Wooler
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Post by Steve Wooler »

Hi Natasha

Sadly June and July are the wettest months. Have a look at our weather page for average statistics - I've just updated them with so newer figures. Its becoming increasingly impossible to forecase the weather anywhere, as you will know, so its anybody's guess what it will be like this year. However, don't be confused by the figures. Tropical rain comes down HEAVY. It makes our heavy rain look like a drizzle. Then, 15 minutes later it can be clear blue skies and within half an hour, everywhere is totally dry again. Also, most of the rain falls at night when the temperature drops, so you wake up with everywhere nice and green and smelling lovely and fresh.

Where did you hear that they're having a lot of rain at the moment? Just the opposite - they've actually got serious water shortages all over the island because of the lack of the stuff.
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wether in june

Post by Natasha »

Thank you for responding. I was loolking at the weather on the BBC weather page, where you type in a location and they give you a five day forcast.

But as I thought most of these storms happen at night anyway, and they can be quite cool to watch.

So thanks very much and keep up the good work

Niki Byrne

Post by Niki Byrne »

Hi Natasha. We went to Tobago in June last year for two weeks. The weather was lovely. We had rain nearly every night - in the dead of night so you never saw it, but it was all crisp and lush when you woke up. And we had one afternoon where it rained as well but it was so hot it was nice to have !

I am sure this is typical of the weather in Tobago so I wouldn't worry.


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