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Intimate 10-room Nature Retreat in rainforest location (listing)
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Dawn And Trevor Coote

Guest Report

Post by Dawn And Trevor Coote »

We had spent 8 nights in Castara but needed to find alternative accommodation for our last 5 nights so we decided to book somewhere as a contrast and Cuffie River was just that. Being in amongst the forest greenery, the temperature was slightly cooler and there was a feeling of tranquillity.

The swimming pool was an added bonus and meant that we didn't miss the sea for too long. There is a covered area above the self-catering rooms with a table-tennis table and dartboard, although we used it for reading and watching the birds in the shade.

Sugar feeders are all around the buildings bringing hummingbirds and bananaquits in close. A mockingbird had built a nest at the entrance to reception and 3 babies flew the nest the day before we left, which was lovely to see.

A walk with Desmond took us through the grounds and he showed us several birds and explained about the trees. Luckily for me though he wasn't able to get a tarantula out of its hiding place. The Common Potoo is a sight to see, sitting completely motionless while protecting its baby on a bamboo stump.

There is a real homely feel which Regina has managed to get just right, the staff are quietly efficient and friendly. Dinner is taken with all the guests eating together on one table, which makes it feel as though you're at a friend's house and results in some good conversation.

We had booked full-board but meals are flexible according to your plans and Yvonne made a packed lunch for us to take out one day of sandwiches, bread pudding and watermelon with water and juice. All the meals were excellent and a good variety, even the breakfast had 3 courses!

We have awarded 4 stars, rather than 5, as our room was just above reception which meant that we had some noise from cars arriving early in the morning bringing staff to the hotel (not helped by the habit of tooting the car horn constantly). Apart from that, for a relaxing, chill-out holiday, this is the place - next time we'll treat ourselves to a stay in the Executive Suite.

Regina Dumas

Post by Regina Dumas »

Hello Dawn and Trevor

I have just read the report that you kindly submitted. I am delighted that you enjoyed your stay at Cuffie River.

I can only apologise for the noise. It is a problem we encounter every now and again, when Government Works Department employees come to clean the road. They rev their engines, blow their horns and shout to each other. This in turn causes our dogs to react and start barking. I have tried VERY hard to persuade them to respect the peace and privacy of Cuffie River but they have their own culture and there is simply nothing I can do about it. Fortunately, it is a very infrequent problem and only lasts a few short days.

May I please stress that all my staff and drivers are very conscious of our very special environment and know that they must never blow their car horn or talk loudly at any time. We are determined to preserve the peace and tranquillity of Cuffie River Nature Retreat – not only in consideration of our guests, but also to ensure the perfect habitat for the beautiful birds that share our home and which so delight our guests.

So, please accept my deep apologies for the disturbance but thank you for your other generous comments. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit, whether in the Executive Suite or any other room.

Regina Dumas
Proprietor, Cuffie River Nature Retreat

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