Plantation Beach Villas, Stonehaven Bay

6 3-bedroom beachside villas at Grafton Beach (listing)
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James B. Mowat

Plantation Beach Villas, Stonehaven Bay

Post by James B. Mowat »

Hi! Let me preface by saying I have never had the pleasure of visiting Tobago in the past, but I am about to change that this fall.

I am looking for any information I can glean in regards to Plantation Beach Villas and its surrounding area. I am interested in what is available nearby, as i would prefer not to rent a car for our visit. Any information on nearby restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, water sports( especially scuba diving), attractions, entertainment etc. would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Best regards; jbm
Niki Byrne

Post by Niki Byrne »

Hi jbm,

I stayed in Sand Pebbles villa last year which is in this area. I cannot off-hand remember whether Plantation Beach villas were the ones next to us (right in front of the beach), or further up from the beach, but I am sure they are nice. :D

Restaurants - the only one we went to was The Seahorse Inn which is right on the beach and lovely. I think you can eat at The Gran Courlan (and possibly Grafton Beach) which are all in the same area. I think Indigo restaurant might be within walking distance although don't quote me on that !

There is a shop within walking distance (as you are stood on the beach looking back inland go right and up to the top of the road). There is some stuff here but you would be better going to Pennysavers (I think their are 2, one is definitely towards the airport). Pennysavers has a lot more choice and is cheaper. :wink:

You would more than definitely need to hire a car to get around so I would use Pennysavers for your shopping. I don't think you would be able to see the real Tobago without having a car.

There is a diving shop at Le Gran Courlan which I have heard people say is good.

There is Grafton Bird Sanctuary (a short walk up the hill). This is a good place to visit - I think they feed the birds at 4:30pm.

Entertainment - The Seahorse Inn does have a couple of nights with steel band, I think you would need to ask them about this when you are there. I guess Le Gran Courlan and Grafton Beach has entertainment as well.

Hope this helps a little,

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Steve Wooler
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Hi jbm
Niki has basically answered your question perfectly, but there are just a couple of points I would like to add.

A client of mine, here in the UK, has visited the Plantation Beach Villas (PBV) three times, and his son on a third occasion, during the past two years. They rave about them.
Yes, Nikki, the PBV are located on the beach side of the Old Grafton Road – so pretty much opposite Sea Pebbles. Yes, the Seahorse Inn and Indigo (great entertainment on Friday nights) are both within comfortable walking distance and you should also be able to dine at Le Grand Courlan. Reservations are essential at both the Seahorse and Indigo.

Other than that, may I totally endorse what Niki said regarding hiring a car. This is an essential part of any Tobago holiday if you are to really get the best out of your visit. It is such an under-developed island that nowhere is within comfortable walking distance of much. Transport is essential.
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James B. Mowat

Thanks Niki and Steve......

Post by James B. Mowat »

Thanks...I appreciate the information. Point taken in regards to the hired car. As we get closer to the fall I will no doubt have more questions , and will certainly post them here. Again, thanks.

Best regards; jbm
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