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9 room hotel and restaurant in Bacolet (listing)
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Ingrid Joseph

Guest Report

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Good day,

Thank you for your interest in my stay in Tobago and my subsequent comments on the accommodation I chose.

It is with great pleasure that I must say, my stay at Half Moon Blue Hotel in Tobago was absolutely fantastic!
The staff were courteous, quiet and very helpful.

The accommodation was adequate, clean and comfortable. The pools did not disappoint. The cafe had a nice mix for breakfast and dinner was similarly splendid.

I read a lot of reviews on quite a few hotels before making my final decision and I did not regret it. To the people who posted negative reviews about this establishment, shame on them. I think they expected bell boys running behind them tending to their every whim and fancy. This is tropical island life, get with the program people!

Granted the cafe is across the street, this should not be a deterrent in anyway. I actually found it cute to take a little stroll to and from my room to sit and eat near scenery overlooking the ocean.

I will be staying at this establishment for my next vacation, anniversary or simple get away.


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