Half Moon Blue

9 room hotel and restaurant in Bacolet (listing)
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Ros Gaulton

Half Moon Blue

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We've just returned from our first visit to Tobago- what a fantastic 2 weeks, I am a complete Carribean convert and cannot wait to go back! I should point out right at the start that I picked all our accommodation on the basis of food and any place that didn't have an interesting menu or a good food review was automatically discounted!

We had 4 nights at Half Moon Blue to start the holiday, a medium sized hotel (10 rooms) in Bacolet more or less opposite the Blue Haven. It was perhaps a bit overpriced at US$140 per night per room and not as luxurious as it thinks it is although the penthouse room is apparently wonderful. The other rooms are spacious and stylish with cable television but there are no tea/ coffee facilities which was a bit disappointing. They are quiet and very private, surrounded by hibiscus and lime trees and have lovely views towards Scarborough and Little Rockly Bay. There is a small pool with the same breathtaking view but with Bacolet Bay is only 2 mins away I must confess we never used it. The staff were friendly and helpful and the driver who picked us up from the airport (Captain Cook) was a treasure.

Now the important bit. The restaurant is a lovely place to sit on a rainy day, open and full of sea breeze but with fatally comfy chairs- we both fell asleep in them on several occasions! The creole menu was limited but what they do, they do very well, spicy creole pork and jerk chicken salad being two particular favourites. The puddings were delicious! Breakfast is a choice of flying fish or ham and eggs with the usual fruit and toast and the coffee is very good. Otherwise eating in Bacolet is not up to much. We went to Blue Haven ( the only other option in walking distance, apart from Della Mira's which is not open in the evening) and were sorely disappointed. The atmosphere was awful and the food very ordinary certainly not worth the money or putting up with the snooty service.

Half Moon Blue is trying to market itself as a hip hotel for those in the know (which is obviously why we went there :wink:). More accurately it is a peaceful, comfortable retreat with good food that is still near enough to Scarborough to make a useful first base. One nice touch was when we returned home to Leeds, we had been sent a miniature of rum and a card from Half Moon Blue thanking us for our visit and wishing us Merry Christmas.

We went on to Speyside Inn and finally Indigo which I have reviewed elsewhere- if anyone wants details I'm happy to answer any questions.

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