Speyside Inn

8 room Inn and dive centre in Speyside (listing)
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Rochelle R.

Speyside Inn

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I spent four days at Speyside Inn, and it is a lovely and wonderful inn! It is in a beautiful location. When my husband and I arrived there and saw the view, we were overwhelmed with joy! The inn is very unique; they have a variety of rooms depending on your needs. They have a special tower room, sort of an octagonal shape. It has a large shower and shelves built in the walls to store your luggage. The food there is impeccable. They have a special soup each night, along with a selection of fish and another meat. They also serve fresh vegetables and a home made dessert - either a cake, mousse, or pie. Breakfast is included with your room if you stay at the inn.

While I was at Speyside, I checked out the other hotels, and knew that I made the right decision. The other inns are generally larger. But, I preferred Speyside Inn because it is a bit more intimate and charming. It was easy to make new friends there, and the staff is so nice to get to know as well.

We got married at Spayside Inn, and the staff at the inn were so helpful and made us a very memorable wedding. If you are interested in learning more about that, please go to the weddings forum where I posted that information.
Ros Gaulton

Speyside Inn

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I'd like to second everything Rochelle has written. We have just returned from 2 weeks in Tobago where we had a week at the Speyside Inn. It really is smashing in every way. The airy rooms all look out towards Little Tobago and at night all you can hear are the waves. The staff are very friendly (even by Tobagonian standards!) and really good fun, but the best bit was the food! I should explain that I am a real foodie and without sounding too pompous it takes a lot to impress me but the food at the Inn was consistently fantastic, the only downside being that it made the rest of the meals we had in Speyside seem very ordinary. Chris (the chef) is happy to adapt to your taste and lunch is really whatever you want cooked to perfection by him. His key lime pie was the most divine pud I've every had. If anyone wants more info on Speyside Inn I'm happy to oblige.

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