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10 room hotel and restaurant near Buccoo (listing)
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Shaolin Rajaram

Guest Report

Post by Shaolin Rajaram » Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:03 am

My husband and I got married in Tobago in 2006 and wanted to spend our one year anniversary back on the Island. I booked a room at Enchanted Waters hotel after seeing pictures of it online on the MyTobago website.

We parked in the big hotel car park and walked towards the bar where the owner Roger greeted me by name..big smile on his face. I was very surprised that he knew who I was and found his greeting to be very friendly and personal.

We were shown to our room and as we walked through the grounds all I was able to mutter under my breath was " WOW "!!! The garden was amazing, so clean and peaceful. At night time when the little fairy lights are lit, it looks very magical. The sound of the water flowing in the ponds was very calming too.

The room was lovely, the bed soooo big!!! Everyday when we returned from the beach to the room, we noticed it had been cleaned, the bed made and fresh towels were put out for us. The room contained everything we needed. We especially loved the private balcony and the kitchenette.

The staff were very friendly and everyone always said " Hello " when they saw us. We spent time talking to Roger, finding out more about the hotel and about why he designed it the way he did. Talking to him was like talking to an old friend, not a stranger we had just met.

The hotel has its own guard who walks around the property and the grounds making sure everything is ok. We felt very safe at all times seeing him patrolling the grounds. We befriended him too and were told that the hotel is very safe and has not had any trouble.

On the night of our one year wedding anniversary ( June 22nd. ) we ate in the hotel restaurant and drank cocktails at the bar. I ordered a whole lobster because we had seen them the night before being delivered to the hotel so I knew they were fresh..It was the best lobster and the biggest I have ever seen and tasted heavenly!!!

The staff allowed my husband to play me music on the piano near the bar which was very romantic.

We both had a wonderful time at Enchanted Waters hotel and will find any excuse to return there in the future.

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