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Guest Report

Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 2:51 am
by Katherine
These were my criteria: quiet surrounding; on or very short walking distance of the beach; affordable (planned for 10-night stay); full bar; good restaurant or two close by with the capacity for local cuisine and ingredients; nice people; and beautiful suroundings. Only one of the criteria was met, nice enough owners...until they kept my 50% deposit. I had to leave, there was no way I was going to spend 9 of what was left of 10-day vacation in a place which met NONE of my other criteria. No, that's not quite true, there was a local restaurant nearby but it was closed during this early afternoon. I was so chilled out and not wanting this ridiculous display of customer service to ruin my vacation in paradise that I didn't even argue. If your criteria are even close to mine, don't stay at Enchanted Waters. The owners have the potential to be nice people and they run a nice enough shop. But they had very little heart it comes to $ though. And in the end, as I walked away and found my way to Arnos Vale Hotel (which has some minor security issues and overall, lacks in management). That's another post. Go and enjoy Tobago!!