Returned from Footprints Eco Resort-WOW!

9 room retreat at Culloden on the Caribbean coast (listing)
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Returned from Footprints Eco Resort-WOW!

Post by Sally »

We stayed at Footprints for 2 nights last week, and it was wonderful! It's not for the tourist who wants luxury and excitement. It's definitely for the tourist who wants unique, nature, seclusion, beauty, good food, and pampering. We were the only guests, and we had a staff of 5! We had an oceanfront room which came complete with charming geckos near our enclosed garden shower. There are 2 large pools, both filled with water pumped from the very nearby Culloden Bay. One of the pools is chlorine treated, and one is only filtered. They both are similar to infinity pools. There is also a nice jacuzzi. The restaurant served very good food. They asked what we'd like for dinner, and then they went to the market to get the ingredients. Since this place has only a few rooms, we would have received great service even if we weren't the only guests. They also have 3 villas which are separate from the oceanfront rooms and very private. We snooped around and looked at them. They each have their own large pool and jacuzzi. They're very private. The road to Footprints is an adventure in itself, but worth the drive when you arrive at the resort. We were in Trinidad and Tobago for 9 nights, and the 2 nights at Footprints were our favorite. The co-owner, Mia, and the manager, Melissa, were both very charming, and a big help whenever we had a question about the country. We would highly recommend the place, and we'd be happy to correspond with others concerning details about Footprints. It's a shame more people don't seem to know about it.
Sally and Len

Footprints Eco Resort

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Are there mosquitoes? How are the trails around Footprints?
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Hello Rhonda

Welcome aboard.

Tobago is a tropical island. Yes, there are mosquitoes, but how many and whether or not they will be a problem to you depends upon many factors. Mossies are at their worst during the rainy season, which runs from the start of June to the end of November. I saw less than half a dozen during my last visit to the island in January/February and didn’t get bitten once. Some people are so susceptible to insect bites that their life can be made a misery – others, never experience a single bite.

As a matter of interest, many people refer to any biting insects as mosquitoes when in fact the majority of bites are actually caused by sandflies or midges. Please see the Insects article (menus: Odds & Sods/Health & Safety/Insects & Nasties) for more details about the problem and how to deal with it.

I have never personally walked the trails around Footprints. However, I had a drink their while having a quick look at the place on my last visit, and there should be some nice walks. It all lush bush and very hilly, so stiff walking boots and firm legs will be the order of the day.
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